Chapter 46: Time to Think

Energia: Titans of Verità
Table of Contents (For Catching Up)

Anna stared at the limp body of the Ragno. Every muscle in her body was tense. If it so much as twitched, she’d be ready. Tommy and Hinata stood just as poised as she was. Together, the three stared and waited.

Nothing happened. Not even a hair moved on the beast. Its mouth still hung open like it was roaring. All that emerged was silence and blood.

Finally, after three minutes of silence, the three began to relax. Tommy sank down with a thud so loud it shook the ground. “Phew,” he whistled over the radio. “Well! That was… something!”

“Understatement of the year,” Anna grumbled. Exhaustion washed over her like waves on the beach. It took all her remaining energy, little as it was, to stay standing. She suddenly felt like she could eat out the entire ORDER cafeteria and then sleep for a whole week.

Hinata didn’t seem bothered. In fact, the Shinobi seemed as calm as ever as she asked, “Where did it come from, anyways?” Her voice was cold and uncaring.

“There,” Anna said weakly as she waved towards the ruined warehouse. It was hard for her to think clearly with the blood still pounding in her ears and the flashing warnings and damage reports on her visor. Bohei is so going to kill me.

Hinata went digging through the wreckage. She seemed more agitated than what Anna had come to expect from her. I should really go and look. Before she steals all the glory. But she was just so tired… and hurt. I’m going to need a long bath in the regen cells. Followed by a long normal bath. In very hot water.

Something big thumped her on the back. “Don’t go passing out now, Ironchase,” Tommy’s voice said over the radio. “Now comes the real hard part.”

Anna suddenly perked up, alert. “What are you talking about? Where’s the danger?”

“Danger? No. Worse.”

She looked up at him, confused, as he slumped down to sit beside her. He pulled his helmet off, revealing a mess of sweaty hair pressed against his forehead. His expression was more of annoyance than dread. Like a man who didn’t want to do his laundry.

“How good are you at writing reports?”


Eitan landed to find the streets in pandemonium.

“Please remain calm,” a voice echoed across the city. “Make your way towards the Central Sector in a calm and organized manner. Please remain calm.”

If anyone heard, they didn’t listen. Confusion and panic hung in the air like a thick gas. One spark would be enough to burn it all down. Eitan tried to stand up straight and walk calmly as to not provide that spark. If people didn’t see him panic, they wouldn’t panic. At least, he hoped so.

I should go help the others, he thought in a daze. At least to make sure those three are alright. Or… or… He thought he should know what to do. He remembered knowing at some point. But he still couldn’t get his head on straight.

He took a deep, slow breath. It did little to calm his nerves, but it did somewhat clear his head. One problem at a time. He tried to recall proper procedure for an emergency. First, he would need to report to his immediate superior; in this case, that would probably be the Shinobi. Who… was already on the scene.

Onto the next step, then. Which would be… secure any and all nearby citizens. Shouldn’t that be the first- then he remembered. The kids!

In that instant, he forgot about everything. The pandemonium, the monster, procedure, all of it. His next step had become as clear as crystal. The rest could wait.

Without a care for how the crowd reacted, Eitan ran off to find his family.


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