Chapter 44: A Veteran At Work

Energia: Titans of Verità
Table of Contents (For Catching Up)

Hinata looked down at the two younger Operatives below as she stood atop the Ragno’s head. She recognized Anna’s E-Suit, the oh-so charmingly named ‘Sexy’. She didn’t know who was in the garishly large blue E-Suit, but she judged he must be an idiot, an American, or both. After scanning them with her eyes, she thought back to the man she had found trembling atop the tower. A coward, an idiot, and Ironchase. Great. She sighed quietly enough to avoid her suit’s radio. I guess I’m doing all the work. Again.

The Ragno hissed, clutching its wounds. A foul smelling smoke rose from between its gnarled fingers. It threw its head back and howled in an attempt to throw her off, but she leapt away before it could. As she went, she swiped casually with her sword. The curved black blade glowed orange with heat as the engine within roared. It cut through fur and flesh with a loud squelch and sizzling sound.

It didn’t spend long recovering from that blow. It flung itself at her like a stampeding bull, screaming and flailing. Anna and the other one retreated as quickly as possible, but Hinata was as calm as ever. Instead of running, she darted between the beasts legs. She spun with blurring speed, slashing both of its trunk-like thighs. As it tripped and rolled, she twisted a dial on her wrist, loading the small rail cannon that ran along her arm with a red shuriken.

With a twist of her wrist, she launched the projectile into the monster’s foot. It caught fire the instant it flew free from the rail and dragged sparks behind it like ribbons as it soared. Shortly after impact, the flames burst out in a small orange and red ball. Soon, its lower leg was engulfed in the fire.

There’s the first problem solved.

Anyone would know to take out a giant monster’s legs first. At least that’s what Hinata had thought before watching Anna and the other one try and beat it in a fist fight. Was I that dumb that early on? She doubted it.

“Is… is that it?” asked a male voice over the radio. That would be the big one. He sounded oddly familiar…

As if to answer his question, the Ragno pounded the ground repeatedly with one fist while it pulled itself upright with the other. It supported its burning leg with one arm like it was a crutch. Even in this state, with its fur singed and matted with blood all over, the monster loomed over them like a storm.

“Tommy,” Anna’s voice said over the radio, “try not to choke on your foot.”

“Shut up.” The man, Tommy, huffed.

“You can take from her example and char broil it, if it helps make it go down easier.”

“Shut up!”

“Both of you shut up.” Hinata growled just quietly enough to be heard. “Here it comes.”

Indeed, the monster was just starting to charge them. The two amateurs immediately bolted, Anna to the left and Tommy to the right. Hinata planted her feet and took a running stance, getting ready to meet it head-on. If it was stupid enough to try the same thing again, then she would happily teach it why that was-

The Ragno tripped and rolled towards her like a boulder. Cursing, Hinata tried to roll out of the way, but it was too late. Its weight bore down on her. For the first time, she wondered if her suit’s shields would protect her from the full weight of a monster like a Ragno.


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