Caffeine: The Addiction You Didn’t Know You Had

Let me ask you something. How often do you think about what you’re drinking? Are you the kind of person who plans out every detail of their diet for the healthiest possible lifestyle? Or are you the type to drink whatever it is that’s there to drink? Are you a believer that water is the only liquid that the body should have? Or are you a frequent customer at your local coffee shop?

Now, a follow-up question: how often do you drink caffeine? Is it a lot? Then you might need to listen to this!

Michael Pollen’s Caffeine is a very interesting listen. It’s short and sweet, which makes it easily digestible. But each minute of the two-hour runtime is enjoyable and educational!

This book tackles everything related to caffeine. Michael breaks down the history of caffeine, from its original discovery to how it was received by old society, as well as its various effects. It tackles why caffeine does what it does from a biological standpoint, the effects of caffeine addiction, and even what the quitting process feels like! It’s an incredibly fascinating read!

Or listen, I guess. Audiobooks are tricky.

Thankfully, this book isn’t taking sides. It isn’t out to tell you that drinking caffeine is bad and that you need to quit. This book is meant to educate and it does just that.

Rest assured! Mr. Pollen isn’t just pulling this information out of his ass! This book is backed by numerous interviews with knowledgable experts, historical texts, and so on. The information behind them is sound. Plus, thanks to Pollen’s writing, it’s super engaging and interesting!

And… that’s it. That’s about all there is to be said about this one. It’s a book about caffeine. It’s super short and interesting. If you want to know more about what makes your morning coffee so effective, then give this one a look! But if this subject doesn’t sound interesting to you, then you’d be better off finding something else.

Huh. It’s been a while since I wrote a review this short. I’m not even sure how to end it! Um… *insert clever joke related to the subject here*.

Nailed it.

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