Edgedancer: The Only Short One (How’s This Book?)

Written By: Brandon Sanderson
Published By: Tor Books
Publication Date: October 17th, 2017
Page Count (Hardcover): 272
Narrated By: Kate Reading
Link to Purchase

Finally! A book in ‘The Stormlight Archive’ that doesn’t take me a month of pure devotion to finish! How refreshing!

‘Edgedancer’ is the smallest and most digestible book in the series. It only focuses on one character, Lift, and tells its story quickly. Hell, it’s even quicker if you already read ‘Words of Radiance’, as one of the interludes, the one that introduced Lift in the first place, was simply reused as this book’s first chapter! AND IT’S THE LONGEST CHAPTER IN THE BOOK, TAKING ONE HOUR OUT OF THE SIX TOTAL IN THE AUDIOBOOK!

Hey. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I can respect that.

I think this is the only book in the series where the words ‘Radiant’, ‘Voidbringer’, or ‘Stormlight’ aren’t mentioned regularly! In their place, we get words like ‘awesome’ and ‘pancakes’! I’m unsure if I love that or if it just makes me hungry.

Shortly after the events of ‘Words of Radiance’ and before ‘Oathbringer’, we join Lift for her own little side adventure. Sometime after escaping Darkness, she follows after him to prevent the fallen Herald from killing anyone else. She must find the potential victim, find the next vow of her order of Knight’s Radiant, and stop Darkness once and for all.

This is an odd story. The majority of the story is very slowly paced, taking its time to build up the events to come as well as the characters. Then, in the final few chapters, everything speeds up and breaks into all-out hell! After that, the story quickly wraps itself up.

The buildup is excellently done, if not highly predictable. Every piece of the story is absolutely

If I can be honest, I didn’t care for many of the characters in this story. Lift is a fun and likable protagonist, bringing a goofy, childish charm that is contrasted greatly by the mature responsibility brought along by her abilities. Windell is incredibly likable, creating beautiful chemistry with Lift thanks to his more mature and cowardly demeanor. Darkness is a very compelling villain, equal parts sympathetic and intimidating. Even Szeth gets some great time to shine in this book! Each of the characters have fantastic moments and character arcs that make reading this book an absolute must!

Unfortunately, the supporting cast isn’t on the same caliber. They’re cliche, predictable, and forgettable. They work well for the story they’re in, yes. But in a series full of unique, lovable and memorable characters, having a cast filled with boring planks of wood is hurtful.

Although The Stump is pretty great. Cliche, yes, but likable enough.

The setting is… decent. It isn’t as distinctly memorable as the war camps on the Shattered Plains, Urithiru or Colinar. But it is still interesting, well-described and decently fun to explore! However, unlike the other areas I mentioned, it isn’t an area of Roshar that I’d personally care to see again.

‘Edgedancer’ is an odd book. It’s very slow to start, ramps up quickly and ends just as quickly. It is integral to the overall plot of the series, so you should absolutely check it out if you’re a fan of the series. It isn’t Sanderson’s best work. But I’d say that it still works more than well enough to stand next to the other three books in the series.

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