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Pokemon Direct 6/5/19: Two Good Boys (Game Night)

How did they make me more excited for this game than I already was?

Two days ago, we finally got more details on the upcoming Pokemon games: ‘Pokemon Sword’ and ‘Pokemon Shield’ versions. It did give us what we expected, at least for the most part: new Pokemon, the new story-focused legendary Pokemon, and a few of the new characters. But there were a number of surprises sprinkled in there too! Surprises that took my excitement from maximum to something even further beyond! Chief among these was the biggest change in the history of Pokemon:


First, let’s discuss the big one: the new Legendary Pokemon. They being: Zacian of Sword Version and Zamazenta of Shield Version.

That mother fucker is just Sif from Dark Souls 1!! Come on Pokemon Company/Gamefreak/ Nintendo maybe!

Aside from their designs, we don’t know anything about these guys yet. All we have are their designs, and the simple fact that they are a pair of pretty good boys. Its likely that we’re going to have to wait until the game comes out to find out what their deal is.

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of these boys. Sure, they were good boys. But they didn’t resonate with me like previous Legendary Pokemon. But they quickly grew on me, and now I’m super excited to see what they’re all about.

Next, let’s discuss some of the new Pokemon of the non-Legendary variety. We didn’t get many. In fact, we got more classic Pokemon revealed than we got new guys. But the new ones that we did get are pretty sick!

I want both Sobble and Wooloo. Team Weepy-Sheepy!

I don’t care much for Gossifleur and Eldegoss. But Wooloo, Corviknight and Drednaw have already stolen my heart! Wooloo is adorable, and both Corviknight and Drednaw are pretty cool looking! I already want to add them to my team and fuck some shit up! These give me a ton of hope for whatever new Pokemon may come in the future. So far, the designs are looking really good!

After that, we got some new characters. Among these was the new Champion of the Galar region: Leon.

He’s no Cynthia, but he’s pretty fucking cool!

I dunno about you guys, but I’m stoked to kick this guy to the curb. I mean, come on! He’s running with a Charizard! Bad ass, yes. Effective? Not really.

But all this is typical Pokemon stuff. New Pokemon and characters. What’s new? Does this game do anything new whatsoever? Well… yes. And its pretty fucking sick.

Kaiju. Pokemon.


This is the new Dynamax system. With it, you can super-size your Pokemon for three turns. While in this state, your Pokemon is super strong. Gym leaders will utilize this system as well, so you’ll need to learn how to properly time the use of this ability for maximum effect.

Holy shit, Nuzlockes are gonna be fucking fun!!

There are also Dynamaxed Pokemon out in the wild. These are a sort of Raid Boss. To fight these, you’ll need four friends to play with locally. The four of you will work together to take the super Pokemon down. Then you’ll have an opportunity to catch it. After you take it down, if I heard correctly, you can catch them normally in the wild.

This is a risky system. On one hand, these sound like a lot of fun with friends. On the other, locking certain Pokemon behind these raid battles sounds like a huge pain in the ass! Not everyone has friends that’ll gather around to fight a Pokemon together. And no psychopath is going to buy four Switches and four copies of the game.

Actually… I say that… But…

Regardless of my worries, I’m unbelievably excited for Sword and Shield! Everything looks awesome, from the Pokemon to the characters and the gameplay mechanics! I haven’t been this psyched about anything Pokemon for a long time!

Well, save for ‘Detective Pikachu‘. But if that didn’t disappoint, then I have little doubt.

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