Devil May Cry, Game Night

Ranking the Devil May Cry Games (Game Night!)

Yes. I’m talking about Devil May Cry. Again. You can’t stop me. Sorry if that bothers you. But I simply love talking about these games too damn much.

Several months have passed since ‘Devil May Cry 5‘ came out. Naturally, I’ve played through it several times, on every difficulty (footnote: ‘Dante Must Die‘, ‘Hell Or Hell‘ and ‘Bloody Palace‘ modes can all burn in hell), even with other games waiting for me to play them. It is still, without a doubt, my favorite game of this year. But up to now, I’ve struggled immensely with placing the damn thing in comparison to the other games in the series!

Save DMC 2 and the reboot. It was pretty easy to put it above those. In fact, it was possibly the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

But after many months of play and debate with myself, I’ve reached a conclusion. It was far from easy. Now, I feel the need to remind you: this is all my opinion. If you disagree, that is perfectly fine. We can disagree and get along just fine. In the end, we’re all Devil May Cry fans. Let us all just remain unified by that love, regardless of how much we love or don’t love certain games.

With that in mind, let’s get started with the worst Devil May Cry game. And I get the feeling that you know what I’m about to say.

Devil May Cry 2: How Can Style Be So Boring?!

Okay. Let’s talk about the positives. First: Dante himself looks great! This is easily one of the best Dante designs! Look at him! He’s so fucking cool looking!

Shame he has no personality in this game.

Also… um… the ‘Here’s your crown!’ line is pretty good. And… uh… Yeah, that’s it.

Everything in this game simply hurts. Aside from Dante, none of the character designs are very good. And in a series with such amazing designs, which are incredibly memorable and pleasing to look at, having lackluster designs is a problem! From the NPCs to the monsters, everything in DMC 2 looks like ass. And that’s before the environments which, even for the PS2, look like ass.

Which hurts even more coming off of DMC 1. The game with the best level design in the whole series. Fight me.

Oh, and did I mention the gameplay? Because it sucks. A lot. There is no need for skill or style. All you need to do is mash the gun button and you’ll win. Ebony and Ivory are just too damn good in this game! The starter pistols are overpowered as hell!

In short: fuck DMC 2. Moving on.

DMC Devil May Cry: Disrespect in the Purest Form

DMC Devil May Cry is a good game. The combat is solid, the level design is creative and fun, the visuals can be absolutely incredible (even if, at the lowest, the visuals are ass) and the good boss fights are really good! I do enjoy playing this game.

Shame it hates Devil May Cry. A lot.

Practically everything in this game, when it isn’t being laughably edgy (which it does ninety-nine percent of the time), it is insulting the series which this very game is rebooting! The developers have made several statements that prove that they hated the original series, such as calling Kat a great character by accusing Lady of being ‘a prostitute with a rocket launcher’ (never before have I given myself a headache, boiled my blood and wanted to scream in pure rage just by putting a quote down on the page). Plus… well, we all know about what they did to Dante and Vergil. And in case you don’t, let me summarize it for you!

There you go.

If this game respected the DMC franchise rather than spending it’s time actively attacking it, then it would probably be higher. This is a good game! But it lacks everything that makes DMC great, all while holding itself with a false superiority over the true series. And that is unacceptable.

Eh, but what do I know? I’m just mad that Dante didn’t have white hair. I don’t have genuine, honest criticisms regarding it! That would be silly!

Devil May Cry 1: The Roots of Them All

This game hasn’t aged well. But god it’s fucking funny!

Even by Devil May Cry standards, the writing in this game is terrible! It’s on par with ‘The Room‘ in terms of cinematic quality! Every cutscene is a treasure trove of comedic moments, from the animations to the dialogue and ending with the excellent voice acting! Don’t believe me?

“I should’ve been the one to-“. If you’ve finished this game, then I know for a fact that you finished that sentence in your mind. And unless you are lacking in a soul, then you certainly cracked a smile. Admit it, you know I’m right!

Now, I mentioned earlier that I believe this game has the best level design. And I’ll stand by that. The island is a super memorable setting, and it lends itself perfectly to the gameplay. Unfortunately, the gameplay is where the game starts to fall apart.

Thank you Father Time. Asshole.

The game is a lot clunkier now, with camera angles that are mostly good and controls that are just as so. The game balance is completely broken, filled to the brim with exploits that are super easy to utilize. It’s a ton of fun to play, yes. But it is really rough.

Should you still play it? I’d say so. It isn’t as good as the later games, but it’s still a decently good game.

Devil May Cry 4: Two Campaigns in One!

Yes, that statement applies to all the characters. No matter who you’re playing as, you go through the same levels and fight the same bosses at least twice. DMC 4 is extremely repetitive, and it can be super annoying at times. Especially considering that these are games that are intended to be replayed numerous times with numerous characters and varying difficulties.

That aside, I absolutely adore this game! All of the characters are a ton of fun to play as! The style is higher than ever before, and would only be surpassed by DMC 5 later down the line! The story is the perfect amount of stupid to be amazing! Practically everything in this game is polished as hell!

Especially the combat. By god, the combat in this game isn’t just fun! It’s art!

Still, it is a highly flawed game. Going through the same levels and bosses twice over per-campaign is a huge pain in the ass. The visuals, while still decent, have certainly aged. The levels range from ‘meh’ to ‘fucking kill me please god why’ in terms of quality.

I love this game. But it is still far from the best. That goes to both of the following titles.

Devil May Cry 3: This Party’s Getting Crazy!

Putting this one here was really fucking hard! But after all this time, I feel that it is where it needs to be.

This is easily one of the best action games of all time. It was when it first came out, and it still is now. The combat is a blast, the story is easily the best in the series, and the level design is the second-best in the series. This game is super close to perfection!

In the spirit of fairness, I’m trying to find flaws. But I’m struggling to find any. Sure, the original version is stupid fucking hard! But we have the HD versions now, which are far better in that regard! So… I got nothing.

Maybe I’m biased. I dunno.

This is an undeniable classic. A genre definer. One that people will go back to and play for years to come. It is close to flawless.

But dear god do I love the next game too damn much to not put it at number one!

Devil May Cry 5: Back in Force and Style

No. This is not me being in the honeymoon period anymore. I’ve played enough of each game in the series to say with confidence that I feel this one is the best one.

This is peak Devil May Cry. It is fan service through-and-through. I mean, come on, they recreated the Vergil fight for the final boss! AND THEY SOMEHOW MANAGED TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER THAN IT WAS BEFORE!! HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!

Yes, the level design isn’t the best. Yes, V, while still fun, isn’t as great a character as Dante and Nero in terms of gameplay (plus, he hurts both my hands and my controller). Sure, the story is ‘meh’. But good god, this game is so fucking good!

This is peak Devil May Cry! It looks the best (again, thank you Father Time), plays the best (aside from V, sorry pal), controls the best, and it is the best paced. Playing this game is a pure, orgasmic shot of DMC fan service through and through, and I fucking love it!

In DMC 4, you’d spend half the game as one character, then switch to the other on a dime. In 5, you play a few missions as one character, switch to another, and so on. It never feels jarring to switch characters, like it was in 4.

Though I do feel that Dante is far more fun to play than either of the other two. Combined.

I’d go on, but I’d be repeating myself. I already did a review on this game back when it first came out. I’ll leave a link to that at the bottom, in case you’re curious. So I’ll simply summarize it: I love this game. I loved it when I wrote that review, and I love it even more now.

Now if only I could beat more than one level of DMD or HOH modes with an S rank. These games just love to kick their player’s in the dick.


Regardless of how I place them on my list, I feel incredible love for all of the Devil May Cry games (save 2, for which I only have burning hatred and disappointment). And with the franchise being reinvigorated at long last, we undoubtedly have even more DMC to look forward to!

If you haven’t played DMC (why are you reading this?), do so. If you have, play them again. They are some of the best action games of all time, regardless of where I put them on the list.

Will I try to stop talking about these games now? Probably. Maybe. That all depends on if I can or cannot think of another subject to rant about regarding this series. Am I milking the cow too hard? Probably.

But what can I say? I love milk.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

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