Mob Review 100 S2 FINALE: Fight On!

Thus, the long awaited second season has come to an end. Now all that’s left to do is wait another three years for the third and final season. A wait that is more than likely going to drive me completely insane!

In this episode, Mob faces off against both the leader of Claw and himself. But in the face of his enemy’s overwhelming power, will Mob be able to change him as he has so many others in the past? Or will the battle bring an end to all that Mob knows?

This episode balances Mob Psycho’s greatest strengths flawlessly. The first half is dedicated entirely to the final battle against Claw. It’s stunningly animated and beautifully choreographed, and it features lots of strong character moments for both combatants. While I don’t think it reaches the same highs as Episode 5’s battle with Mogami, it’s certainly impressive and incredibly visually appealing.

The ending to the battle is also spectacular. It pushes Mob further than anything has before, and it adds the first seeds of true depth to the villain’s character by revealing his backstory in further detail. Plus, it leads into the first arc of the next season by utilizing a Chekhov’s Gun from all the way back in the first episode!

The ladder half is dedicated entirely to the aftermath of the attack. Those who helped Mob in the battle move on with their lives, looking for something new to do without their powers. The main villain gets his just deserts, and Spirits and Such gets a new employee! Meanwhile, everyone in the supporting cast stares up at the *REDACTED FOR SPOILERS* and wonder just what the hell it is.

All in all? This was a very solid season finale. It delivers a great action scene, fantastic character moments, and it sets up for the next season flawlessly. I don’t think it reaches the same heights as the earlier episodes of the season, but hey! When the standards have been set as high as they have, good works just fine!

I know I’ve said it all season. But for consistency’s sake, I’ll say it again. One last time.

If you haven’t been watching Mob Psycho 100, you need to fix that. It’s easily the best show this season, and i’ts one of the best ever made. From it’s creative visuals, wonderful characters and thrilling action, everything in this show is simply fantastic! You are seriously missing out if you’re still avoiding this series!

Thus, our journey through the second season comes to an end. Now normally, I’d keep this going by going back to watch season one. But this time, I’m going to save that pleasure for later. I’ll definitely be coming back to it, but that will have to wait. I need something to build hype for season three, after all.

Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope you guys have a lovely day! Later!

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