How’s This Book?


I love books. I love to read books, to talk about books, and most of all: I love to write books. But as I got older, I found myself reading less and less, to the point that I struggle to even find the time to pick a book up! Luckily, I’ve come up with a solution!

Turn it into work!

Enter our brand new series: How’s This Book?

From fantasy to non-fiction, How’s This Book? is all about the appreciation and critique of literature. We’ll analyze the story, the characters within it, and the writer’s distinct voice to decide whether or not the book in question is worth your time.

Now, I have to set a few rules for what qualifies. One: I won’t be talking about children’s books. They do have plenty of qualities for discussion, such as the art, ease of reading and how entertaining it is for younger audiences, but they’re simply too simple and easy to critique. For this series, we’ll be focusing on books targeted for teens and older. Simply put: no picture books or baby books.

Second: no manga or comic books. While I do absolutely love both of those, they fall into a totally different category. For this series, we’ll be looking at traditional books. Again: not to say comics or manga are bad books. Just not the kind we’ll be focusing on.

Three: no explicitly erotic novels. If books have erotica in them but focus largely on other things, such as George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, then it does qualify. But if the story is focused entirely on pornography, it will not be valid for How’s This Book?.

Now, with those three rules in mind, let’s go over the criteria for review in greater detail. I have a few simple things I’ll be looking at to decide whether or not the book is worth your time. These are:

  1. The Story itself. A book is nothing without the story. For this category, I’ll be analyzing the story’s characters, plot and themes. I’ll also be analyzing the setting, and whether or not it aids to the story or not and whether or not it’s well defined and interesting.
  2. The Writer’s Voice. Each writer has a unique and distinct creative voice. Some do more with less, giving the reader less detail in order to paint a more vague picture, while others give excessive details to paint an extremely clear picture of the world and characters. For this category, I’ll be analyzing whether or not the author’s voice stands out and if the book is more interesting to read because of it.
  3. The Cover and Title. These are the first thing that any reader will see when they look at your book. As such, it should be gripping and enticing, and it should make the reader curious as to what the book is. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I intend to do just that.
  4. The physical book itself. One thing that people don’t really talk about when they discuss books is the book itself. How does the paper feel? Is the font size too big or too small? How much does it weigh? How big is the overall package? In this section, we’ll have a look at the book itself and how good it feels in your hands.
  5. Fun Vs Quality. When it comes to art, there are two methods of which I enjoy it. I’ll either enjoy it as a well constructed piece of art within it’s field, or I’ll simply enjoy it because it’s fun despite it’s flaws. For these reviews, I’ll be deciding whether or not the book is quality, fun, or both at the same time.

Now, there won’t be any numbered ratings, nor any other such thing. How’s This Book? will have a much simpler rating system: do I recommend it or not? Shocking I know. But I don’t think that art should be categorized by number alone. People shouldn’t judge art because someone gave it an 8/10. So instead, I’ll simply tell you whether or not this book is well put together and fun to read.

You can expect to see new entries in this series every Wednesday. I do hope you’ll join me for it, because I’m super excited to share this journey through Literature Town with all of you guys! I hope that you find a new book that catches your interest, and if you’re in the same rut that I’m in, we can revitalize our love for books together!

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