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Mob Review 100 S2 E10: War

I thought I was watching Mob Psycho 100. Why does this feel like an arc of Dragon Ball Z?

In this episode, Claw goes on the attack, tearing the world apart bit by bit. Meanwhile, Reigen and the gathered Espers go on the attack to stop them. But can they hope to scrap out a win without their star player?

This episode has a lot of what I love in shows like these: side characters getting the limelight! With the sudden escalation of the conflict, we get to see how everyone is reacting to it. From the Telepathy Club’s calm and indifferent carrying on to the Tsubomi mistaking one of Claw’s top as a pro wrestler, everyone gets to have a little time to shine.

Chief among these is the Body Improvement club. For the first time, we get to see their true feelings for Mob, and their respect for his hard work and determination. Plus, their leader gets to have one of the shortest but coolest fight in the series. I’d go into greater detail, but that would cross into spoiler territory. It’s well animated and hype as hell, and it peaks an incredible emotional moment for a character that hasn’t had a whole lot of time in the light.

However, most of the moments in this episode are a set up for later. Aside from one battle, everyone else has their story left off on a cliffhanger that will likely be resolved in the next episode, or at least by the end of the season. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but there is a lack of satisfying conclusions to the smaller conflicts within the larger one at the moment.

We also get our first insight into the main villain, Claw’s leader, in this episode. We see that he’s a lot like Reigen and Mob in a lot of ways, only he has never cared for the thoughts and feelings of those around him. Like Reigen, he is highly skilled in telling people what they want to hear, all while sprinkling in little bits of what he wants them to think. He’s a pretty good and interesting villain, though he still hasn’t done anything himself to establish how intimidating he is.

Still, this episode was an absolute blast to watch. There was some solid action, great character moments, and it sets the stage for the next episode perfectly. It feels like we’re gearing up for the grand finale of the series, and things are finally going to hit 100%.

Though this season has already gone well beyond that, so… I guess that point is kinda mute, innit?

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