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Day 351: Thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now, I know what I’m about to say may shock you. It is very surprising, after all. But I have two pieces of information for you in regards to yesterday’s Pokemon Direct. One: we got the announcement for Generation 8. Two: my preferred announcements were shoved to the wayside.

Yes, I was wrong. It’s almost like Nintendo and all it’s affiliates are completely unpredictable. Or maybe they just have it out for me, I dunno.

Pokemon’s eight generation of games, titled Sword and Shield version, are officially on the way. For the first time, because the Let’s Go! games don’t count fight me, we’re going to get a Pokemon game in full HD. On a home console, no less.

I mean, it’s one that doubles as a handheld, but you get my point.

Now, we don’t have a lot to go on at the moment. The first, and most important in the eyes of the fan, are these little guys beneath this very paragraph. Our three brand new starters.


Initially, I didn’t know how to feel about these guys when they first showed up. This is a natural phase of the new Pokemon process. But upon further reflection, I’ve grown rather fond of these guys. Which one I’ll actually select is still up in the air (Grookey is definitely not in the running though), as each of them make a strong case (except Grookey). I’m currently leaning towards Scorbunny, but Sobble is just the cutest god damn thing! Look at this little bastard!

For me at least, the deciding factor will be in their evolutionary lines. For all I know, Grookey might come in and become my favorite (but probably not). Maybe Sobble will continue to be the best thing ever. Maybe Scorbunny will be an undeniable best seller.


We’ve also gotten our first taste of this game’s setting. The first region without an ‘Oh’ sound anywhere in it’s name (KantO, JOHto, HOenn, SinnOH, UnOva, KalOs, AlOla). Based on the beautiful land of England: Galar.

Which is a really stupid name and I love it.


From what we’ve seen, Galar seems really cool! The setting is gorgeous, thanks in no small part to the gorgeous graphics. All the character designs are cute and fun, which makes me all the more excited to kick their asses, and, from the looks of this map, it’s gonna take us on one hell of an adventure. I’m super excited to see what it has in store for us.

But if the Champion isn’t just the fucking Queen of England, I’m going to boycott this game.

Aside from the three starters, we haven’t seen any new Pokemon. We saw a whole bunch of familiar faces, but no one new has come out quite yet. Hell, we didn’t even see the new Legendaries! Those have always been among the first new Pokemon we’ve seen! More often than not, they get more clout than the Starters!

Honestly, I’m okay with this. The Pokedex is getting crowded. I think we need to be more strict with the number of new Pokemon we get every game. Capturing eight hundred plus Pokemon is already a pain in the ass enough.

And I don’t want to live for the day we see the one thousandth Pokemon. Nothing will make me feel older.

In terms of information, that’s about all we got. It’s not a lot, but you know what? It’s more than enough to get me excited! I haven’t been this excited about a Pokemon game since before Sun and Moon! With this and the Detective Pikachu trailer, I feel like I’ve been zapped back in time to when I was a kid. Back to the days when Pokemon was the coolest god damn thing, and the talk of the playground.

Before Fortnite dances took over the world. But hey, if that’s what the kids like these days, more power to them.

I’ll be watching the news in regards to these games like a god damn hawk! This one teaser has pushed these games much farther up my “Top Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2019” list. I’ll be buying both versions (because I have a problem) and playing both of them till that Pokedex is complete.

Regional of course. I’m an adult, I ain’t got time for that National level shit.

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