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Day 349: Pokemon Direct 2/27/19 Predictions

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that we’d be getting seven minutes of new Pokemon content. So naturally, this has sent the Pokemon fan base into an excited frenzy! Finally, hope has returned for a truly brand new traditional Pokemon experience! And things are looking up, as they teased the direct with this image.


Anyone who has ever played a Pokemon game knows what those three Pokeballs mean. Held within are three special murder monsters that will be handed out to a young preteen boy, thus ushering him out to walk across the entire continent and beat the hell out of everyone else’s pets. But the question is: are the Pokemon within familiar, old friends? Or are they brand new starters for a brand new journey?

The popular opinion falls strongly on the ladder. Everyone is clamoring for the announcement of Generation 8. It’s been roughly three years since Sun and Moon came out, and two since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released. They’ve been played, liked, then they weren’t liked anymore, then everyone moved on. On top of that, we just got the Let’s Go! games a few months ago, which did wet our appetites, but it didn’t settle our hunger.

Personally, I don’t think it’s the right time for a Generation 8. Not in terms of a gameplay engine, don’t get me wrong. A true main series Pokemon game on Switch would make me shit myself in joy! But I think it’s a little too early for a new region with new Pokemon.

Let’s be honest: the Pokedex is crowded enough as it is.

I know it’s unlikely, but I’m still hoping for a Gen 4 remake. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are my favorite Pokemon games, but going back to them now is really hard. You have to deal with eight separate HM’s, and the game suffers from some extreme difficulty spikes. While that did make it fun to Nuzlocke, it did require some ridiculous grind sessions.

Sinnoh could use with a major face lift. Modern Pokemon has finally done away with the HM system (thank fucking god), so they could rework Sinnoh to be much more bearable to play. Plus, it’d be amazing to see the Dialga/Palkia appear scene in HD. Hell, imagine the Distorted World in HD! That would be amazing!

Still, there is no evidence in favor of or against either a Sinnoh remake or a Generation 8. For all we know, Nintendo is going to surprise us and give us a pair of Let’s Go! games for Johto. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

But there’s one announcement that I’m still crossing my fingers for. A new entry in a game that hasn’t been around for a long time. A sequel to the best Pokemon spin off game to ever come out.

Pokemon Conquest.

We need a new Pokemon Conquest game! The first one was one of the best Pokemon games I’ve ever played! It had a cool and unique feudal samurai meet Pokemon setting, and the strategic combat system was fun and addictive! Not to mention insanely challenging and rewarding. If you haven’t played it, then I’d highly recommend it.

Though admittedly, it can be a little… pricey. But it’s totally worth it, I swear!

I’ve been waiting for a new Conquest since the original game came out! The chances of it ever happening are about as low as the Mariana Trench, I’ll admit. But I will never stop fighting this battle! I don’t need a new Mystery Dungeon game. Hell, I’d be fine if I didn’t get a new main series game! Give me a new Conquest game, and I’d be a happy man-child!

Still, no matter what we get, I have no doubt it’s something to look forward to. New or old, I’m psyched for more news on my favorite animal fighting simulator to come back!

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