Mob Review 100 S2 E8: i thought this show was supposed to be a comedy…

Well. That’s a thing that happened. I can’t spoil what it was, but it was certainly a thing.

In this episode, Mob’s middle school is preparing for an annual marathon, and Mob has set a personal goal: land in the top ten and ask Tsubomi out. It seems impossible, but with the help of his friends in his training, Mob is determined to reach it! But after the marathon is over, trouble comes knocking on Mob’s door once again.

And I use the term knocking both very literally and very lightly.

The main bulk of this episode is your typical Mob Psycho 100 fair. But we get to see a lot of first times in this episode. For one, we get to see inklings of what Tsubomi if doing and feeling, though it’s not nearly enough to give us a solid answer. Mob’s parents also play an integral part in this episode’s story. One that will shift the direction of the rest of the story from here on out.

One which I really fucking want to talk about, but trust me: you need to go in blind to this. If I spoiled so much as a single detail more than I already have, then this whole episode, and likely the rest of the season from here on, won’t have the impact on you that it would otherwise.

Mob Psycho has had some dark moments in it’s run. Several of them have happened in this very season. But I should say: prepare yourselves, cause this episode is going to some dark places.

Which is about all I can say. The story is picking up the pace and heading into the final arc of the season, and it’s going to be a fucking doozy! If you aren’t caught up on the show yet, now is the time to do it.

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