Day 342: My Devil May Cry 5 Secret Boss Wishlist

Devil May Cry 5 is right around the corner! After all these years of waiting, we can finally rejoin Dante, Nero and all their friends, both new and old, for another demon slaying adventure! We’ll finally be able to put the emotional disaster that was DMC: Devil May Cry from 2013 behind us!

It only took about six years for us to do so…

Everything is finally looking up for the Devil May Cry series. The demo is a ton of fun, inspiring hope for the full game. All the promotional material looks great, and the excitement of the fan base hasn’t been this high in years! However, thereis one thing that, should they be in the game, would raise that excitement to levels to Dante VS Mundas levels of insanity.

The following is a list of additional boss fights that I would kill to see in Devil May Cry 5. These are entirely personal wishes that would make me a happy camper. If you have anything you’d like to see, boss fight or otherwise, feel free to let me know below. I’d love to hear your input on this.

With that, let’s get started.

Secret Bosses

One of the DMC series strongest aspects has always been the boss fights. So you know what they need? More of them! These fun little bonus bosses could be sprinkled throughout the game, either in the Bloody Palace mode or in secret areas in the main campaign. I have two of them in mind, starting with the one I want the most:

Legendary Dark Knight Sparda

Sparda has been a name mentioned in every single Devil May Cry game. Hell, he was the first character mentioned in the entire series! We’ve all heard so many stories about how bad ass and unstoppable he was. But to this day, we’ve never seen him in action!

That needs to change.

I don’t care what your story excuse was. Maybe the player is sent back to the past, maybe he’s dragged to the future, maybe he was never dead at all. I don’t care. You could say it’s not canon at all and I wouldn’t give a shit! I want to face off against the Legendary Dark Knight himself!

In terms of a move set, he could be super easy to create. His moves could be a collection of Dante and Vergil’s most powerful attacks, as well as their most infuriating taunts. He’d be divided into two phases; in the first, he’s mostly passive, focusing on taunting you and attacking when you attack. Maybe he can be in his human form during this phase.

It’s the second phase where the fight goes off the fucking chains! Sparda enters his true Devil form, and he goes on the offensive! His moves are fast and powerful, forcing the player to go on the defensive for long periods of time as he lays down a brutal beat down. The openings he gives you are small, he has massive amounts of health, your attacks do little damage, and he can easily wipe the floor with you in a few brutal hits.

Does that sound brutal? Well it should! Sparda has been built up as the ultimate force of power in the series since the very beginning! He should be the greatest challenge the series has ever presented! Thus, when the player finally overcomes him, he presents us the greatest satisfaction in the history of the series!

On the subject of satisfaction, let’s move on to our next secret boss:

DMC: Devil May Cry Dante AKA Nonte

This one is mostly on here for the meme.

It’s no secret that DMC: Devil May Cry isn’t a very good Devil May Cry game. It doesn’t understand the story, tone or characters of the original series in the slightest. On top of that, the developers seemed to hate the original series, as they called the female characters of the original “Prostitutes with rocket launchers” when comparing them to Kat from the reboot.

Which is a total fucking joke, just FYI. I could write a whole two thousand word essay about that. But I’ll save it for another day.

The Dante of DMC: Devil May Cry wasn’t Dante. He didn’t have the look nor the core of what made classic Dante so iconic and lovable in the first place. Fans hated him with a fiery passion, especially since the game he starred in caused a DMC drought for years to come.

So what better way to alleviate the fans hatred than to let them slaughter the fucker?

In terms of a move set, he’s hardly lacking. He had numerous unique weapons and abilities that could make for a fun and interesting one-on-one duel. You could even sprinkle in a few cutscenes where Dante makes fun of Nonte for all his stupid renditions of his powers. For example, when Nonte enters his Devil Trigger state, Dante could simply laugh and ask if he’s joking before entering his own Devil Trigger.

And how does the fight end you ask? Simple! Dante impales Nonte with Rebellion (the real one, not Nonte’s stupid one) and kills him. Confused, Dante shakes the corpse around for a bit, making fun of Nonte for not even being able to handle being impaled.

It could provide a decent challenge, or it could be a cathartic beat down. Either way, it’d be a fun way to acknowledge the reboot and assure fans that the old series isn’t just back; it’s here to stay.

Honorable Mentions

Those are the two that I’d kill to see. But there are tons of other picks that I’d also be pleased to see. From returning foes to allies turned enemy, these would also make for some fun extra opponents. These include:

  • Phantom (DMC1, you gotta give credit to the first boss in the whole series)
  • Redhead chick from DMC2 whose name I genuinely cannot be bothered to remember or look up
  • Vergil (Neo Angelo or DMC3 Vergil, I’d take either one)
  • Mundas (DMC1, let me kill that fucker again)
  • Megaman (his blaster is in the DLC, for god’s sake, let’s have some fun with it dammit)
  • Bayonetta (even the fucking creator of Bayonetta wants her to interact with Dante, give the people what they want Capcom!)
  • Mario (upon defeating him, you’d unlock a message confirming DMC 1-4 on Switch, as well as Dante in Smash Bros. Not gonna lie, I’d have an accident in my pants if that happened)

Are a number of these memes? Yes. Do I want to see them regardless? Also yes. People still want to see Shaggy in Mortal Kombat 11, even if the meme has come to an end. One of those people including me.

Because I will never let that meme go.

As you may have noticed: I’m unbelievably excited for Devil May Cry 5. I’ve been waiting for this game for years, and the fact that it’s less than a month away is driving me crazy! But fear not, I won’t spend every day of that wait cramming DMC content down your throat.

As tempting as that prospect may be.

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