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Mob Review 100 S2 E6: Break Up and Break Down

After the literal explosion of emotions in the last episode, I had thought this one would step things down a notch. And while it’s certainly not as grand in scale as the last, it’s certainly an emotional roller-coaster. Not only that, but it’s leading into what may be a truly massive turning point in the story.

In this episode, Mob spends some time with his friends in the Body Improvement and Telepathy clubs outside of school. Just as he realizes that he’s having more fun than he has in years, he’s called in for work as usual by Reigen. Frustrated, Mob tells him to stop calling him in, and Reigen, who has had his ego inflated by the sudden increase in work, says some cruel things to Mob that breaks the camel’s back. Now the world’s greatest psychic must keep his business going without his disciple.

This marks an incredibly human and organic turning point in the story. Up to this point, Reigen’s con artist skills have been mostly to Mob’s benefit. But now that Mob is finally starting to become wiser, he realizes that not everything his master does is to his benefit. This divide between the two characters is simple, effective and powerful drama.

Not only that, but the effects it has on Reigen as a character are gigantic! We as the audience see a new side of Reigen, one that isn’t as fun and lovable as the one we knew before. On top of that, we get a look into what his personal life looks like, both before and during his days as a con artist psychic. This whole episode is focused on developing Reigen’s character, and it’s incredibly interesting and powerful, even though there’s so little actual action happening.

Yes, this Shounen coming of age story is still great, even when things aren’t blowing up. In fact, they’re even better! If that’s not a testament to the incredible writing at play, then I don’t know what is!

Mob also gets some simple but charming moments in this episode. Watching him feel genuine joy with his friends and brother is a delight, and it’s incredibly satisfying when you remember how he was at the beginning of the story. On top of that, the Body Improvement and Telepathy club members all get a moment to shine, and we see that they all genuinely care and respect Mob, and they clearly enjoy his presence. Seeing Mob surrounded by kind and supporting friends who see him as more than his powers warms even the darkest, coldest corners of my heart!

This episode is fantastic. Never did my jaw hit the floor, like it did in the previous, but it delivered on something equally powerful: simple character development and drama. And keeping to tradition, this episode leaves off on one hell of a cliffhanger! I’m super excited to see what we get next week.

Mainly because we’ll likely get something we’ve never seen before: Reigen being knocked down a couple pegs. Normally, I wouldn’t want that, but considering how inflated his ego’s getting? I can’t wait to see that tower crumble.

Then I can truly love Reigen again.

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