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Mob Review 100 S2 E1: Mob Makes the School Great Again!

I’m so sorry. I won’t make another joke like that ever again I swear.

After all these years of waiting, it’s finally here! Mob Psycho 100 is back for a second season, baby! Which means I can talk about an anime every week that isn’t My Hero Academia AND trip balls at the same time! It’s a win-win!

And oh boy howdy, did I trip balls!

The episode doesn’t waste any time getting you into the thick of things. We start off with Mob and Reigen performing an exorcism over a farmland possessed by an evil spirit. This scene is extremely fun, well animated and shot, and it introduces the fun way in which Mob Psycho 100 powers up it’s characters. See, in other shows of this ilk, the protagonist will usually just pull some new power out of fucking nowhere and turn a dire situation around. Mob Psycho, on the other hand, powers it’s characters up by having them find new and creative ways to use their powers.

See, while fighting the spirit, Mob comes to a realization. The spirit isn’t possessing the plants themselves, but rather controlling them. This gives Mob an idea; use his powers to control other things rather than just throw them around. By asserting a dominance greater than the spirit’s over the plants, Mob draws the spirit out and exorcises it. It’s a really fun scene and an excellent Chekhov’s Gun that I have no doubt will be fired later.

We then are treated to the new OP, which… hot damn, dude. It takes a lot to top the fantastic OP of the first season, but this one somehow managed to pull it off. The visuals are still a drug trip, the animation is spectacular in every single shot, and the song is fucking awesome! I didn’t think it’d be possible, but this opening is somehow even better than the first season’s!

After I came down from this drug trip, I found myself in the middle of the main plot of the episode: Mob running for Student Council President. Remember that asshole who literally lived in trash from season one? The one that framed all the rebel kids with various crimes with the assistance of Mob’s brother? Well, he’s resigned, and now Mob (under the tremendous pressure of the reporter girl from the last season and the promise Tsubomi would possibly like him for it) steps up to plate. He goes through a self-proclaimed ‘Heroic Montage’, and steps before the entire school to give his speech.

Also, side note, we get to see all the different side characters reacting as Mob steps up to the podium. And just like in season one: the Body Improvement Club members are the best people in the world. If I had friends like them, I would be the happiest dude ever. I’d also probably be super fucking jacked.

Best characters aside, this is where I stop my plot synopsis, because I don’t want to spoil anything major.

The plot is paced perfectly, never slowing down to linger on anything for too long. Each joke lands excellently and each line of dialogue is expertly written and delivered. In terms of plot and character progression, this episode is just about flawless.

Which can also be said about the art and animation. Mob Psycho 100 set an incredibly distinct visual style for itself in the first season, and the second is clinging to it like a cat to your legs screaming “FEED ME!” even though you just fed the fucker a literal minute ago. Everything has a simple, rough and round style to it with heavy use of color, and the simplicity of it makes everything look so good in motion. It’s so hard to describe since it’s so unique, and it helps the show stand out against all it’s contemporaries.

The music is also excellent. The opening song, as mentioned earlier, is an absolute fucking head banger, and each background track fits the setting perfectly. The violins ramping up as everyone has their internal thoughts as Mob takes the stage really builds the tension and makes you feel as though you were back in high school about to deliver a speech to your classmates. Effective, yes.

Bringing back fond memories? Fuck no.

Do I really need to say this show is good? Do I? If you’ve seen it already, you know it’s fantastic. If you haven’t, you need to fix that. Right fucking now. Go binge season one and come back to me for season two. I get the feeling it’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

God damn it, why is next week so far away?!

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