Day 287: Top Games of 2018

2018 was a really good year for games. We got some returning classics remastered in HD, new entries in classic series, and some amazing new Indie games! Sure, we had a few shit piles here and there (couch cough Fallout 76) but all in all, the positive far outweighed the negative. Though it can’t be denied that the bad was just as bad as the good was the good.

Today, I’m going to go over my personal favorite games of the year. This isn’t a top ten exactly, as only one of them is really in a particular order (that one being my #1). It’s more just going to be me rambling about the games I enjoyed playing this year.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t play them all. In between this blog, my day job and working on a book (that you won’t see for another few years so don’t ask), I’m a busy bee! I only really play games for the sake of having something to talk about on this blog, and even still, I’ll only play those that really grab my interests.

Still, there are quite a few that I missed that I genuinely still want to play. So real quick, here’s a list of my honorable mentions that won’t be on this list.

  • Celeste
  • Soul Calibur 6 (I’ve played it, but not as much as I’d like)
  • Blazblue Crosstag Battle (I’ve played this one a lot, but not enough to put it on our little list here)
  • Megaman 11
  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Ni No Kuni 2
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy (though that hardly counts, as it’s a remake)

Now, with that said, let’s get started on my first pick: Spider-Man on PS4.


I won’t be talking about this one in extensive detail, mainly because I’d be repeating myself from the Spider-Man review (which you can check out right here), so I’ll keep it brief. While I do have a fair number of issues with this game, I still think this is the best Spider-Man game ever made, and it’s well worth the purchase for any Spider-Man fan.

Next, we have one of my favorite indie titles: Into the Breach.


A follow up from the dev team behind FTL, one of my other favorite Indie games of all time, this game had a lot to live up to for me. And while it doesn’t have the same addictive qualities that FTL had, this is still an incredibly solid game. The combat is challenging, forcing you to think through your every move down to the littlest detail and most random of possibilities. It looks very nice, both in music and in graphics, and it is still very addictive and fun.

If you need something fun and intense, this is definitely a game worth your time.

Just like my next pick: Dragon Ball Fighterz.


Much like Spider-Man, this is the single greatest video game based on it’s license. Both as a fighting game and a Dragon Ball game, this game succeeds on every level. It’s filled to the brim with fan service, it’s super easy to pick up and play, and it’s just deep enough to get super into it without being overwhelming. This was the first fighting game to really get me into the genre, and thanks to it, I’m here to stay.

It’s thanks to this game that I enjoyed Blazblue Crosstag Battle and Soul Calibur 6 as much as I did. It’s also the reason that none of my friends want to play fighting games with me anymore.

Thanks guys. Love you.

On the subject of fighting games and friends, here’s the one I’m sure you saw coming: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


But I can’t lie: if this were in any numbered order, this one would be at the bottom of the list. Sure, it’s still Smash Bros, so it’s as fun as ever, and the massive roster is absolutely delightful (even if it feels more like a novelty than anything). The different bosses, from Dracula to Ganon, are all super fun and add variety to the game, and the new take on Classic Mode is pretty fun (even if the Bonus Game gets old after three playthroughs and the end credits game is piss easy).

However: I really don’t like the Spirit system and the World of Light. At best, it’s terribly boring and tedious to play through, and at worst it’s downright infuriating, unfair and controller smashing. And while it does have a super cool final level (at least if you’re getting the true ending), that doesn’t make up for the total lack of fun I had on the way there.

Still, I can’t deny the fun I’ve had with this game. Sitting around with my co-workers on our day off with a pizza and Smash was some of the most fun I’ve had all year. No matter how bad the single player, one thing can’t be denied: it’s still Smash Bros, and it’s still a blast with friends.

On a more positive note, here’s the game that came the closest to taking game of the year for me: Hitman 2.

maxresdefault (3)

Again like Spider-Man, I won’t go into too much detail, as I’ve already reviewed this game (link for that here). It’s a fun stealth game featuring some goofy and hilarious kills that had me laughing so hard it nearly killed me and genuinely intense and fun stealth mechanics. It doesn’t change much from the first game, but it builds on the foundation it laid excellently.

Please buy this game. It’s a fantastic time that’s well worth the price of admission, and I desperately want even more of this.

In short: buy this fucking game so I can buy Hitman 3 and get another collector’s edition.

And finally, my game of the year is: God of War.


No other game has made me yell “THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME!!” as loud as this game has. And while my lungs and throat may have paid for it for weeks to come, that didn’t make the boner I had in the moment any less amazing. This game looks great, plays great, and has one of the best stories in any game I’ve played in my entire life.

If you’re a PS4 owner and you haven’t picked this one up yet, you are missing out. It’s fantastic on every level and it’s well worth every penny and minute of your time.

And that’s it. Those are my top games of 2018. How about you guys? Did you agree with my list, or have you already sharpened your pitchfork and lit your torch? Feel free to let me know what your top games of the year are, and let’s get a discussion going.

Or you can just call me a shit fucker who deserves to burn in hell. I’ll leave that to you.

2 responses to “Day 287: Top Games of 2018”

  1. I won’t call you a shit fucker, especially since I hardly played any 2018-released games so I can’t disagree with your list. My default best game of the year is Disgaea 1 Complete, but that’s partly because I’m an NIS fanboy and partly because it’s one of the very few 2018 games I’ve gotten to.

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