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Day 268: Countdown to Ultimate Finale: Project M

Bet ya didn’t see that one coming.

Since I haven’t had a chance to play Ultimate enough to give it a clear rating (but that should change by tomorrow, don’t you worry), I figured I’d take another day to talk about one of the most well known Smash Bros games out there. One that wasn’t even made by Nintendo. Hell, one that’s technically not it’s own game, as it’s a mod of Brawl.

Project M.

It’s no secret that Brawl is not very well liked by Smash fans, despite it being an okay game. So naturally, a group of hardcore Smash fans decided to take matters into their own hands and iron out the flaws while adding new content to make the game better. So how did it do?

Pretty well, if you ask me.

Let’s talk about the roster. When I talked about Brawl, I mentioned how it’s one of my favorite rosters in any game. So naturally, when I heard that Project M added a few extra characters and altered a few I liked, my curiosity was peaked.

Nintendo totally stole the whole ‘separating the transformation characters’ from this mod. Where are their royalties, Nintendo?!

I honestly really like how this roster was changed. Mewtwo and Roy were solid re-inclusions, and playing them in a refined Brawl engine is surprisingly fun. They also changed a lot of the characters who were already in the game. The biggest one is Snake, as they’ve transformed him to play like he does in the Metal Gear Solid games.

Primarily by giving him a tranquilizer gun. Which I completely despise.

They also added a whole bunch of new and fun skins to each character, which makes them each feel more unique and fun than they already were. Here are a few examples.


Me and a buddy got into a huge fight about whether or not this skin was a Digimon reference. Spoiler alert: I was right, and it totally is. Fight me.


These are just a few examples, by the way. There are just as many for each character in the game. Mewtwo has the armor from the first Pokemon movie, Luigi has the Mr. L costume from Paper Mario, and so on. There are tons of different references to different Nintendo products, including their movies! I fucking love it!

But these little touches wouldn’t mean anything if the gameplay weren’t any better from Brawl. That’s what they set out to do, after all: make Brawl into a better game. Did they do a good job?


Random tripping has been completely removed (thank god) and call me crazy, but it feels like each character moves faster than they did in the original (I’m not sure if that one is factually accurate, but I felt like there was a difference while I was playing). It still controls the same, yes, but there’s enough little differences here to make the gameplay feel more refined.

It’s a shame these guys don’t work for Nintendo. If they were part of the real Smash Bros team, I’m sure they’d make the series all the better. Unfortunately, Nintendo is really protective of their IPs, so they’ve spent a long time shooting down Project M and other such mods/ fan creations, like AM2R (yeah, remember that?).

Nevertheless, this is a spectacular example of how passionate and creative some gamers can be. The fact that someone loved Smash Bros enough to go through the trouble of making a flawed game better is a testament to how powerful these games affect people’s lives. It’s just a damn shame that Nintendo is so overprotective that these passion projects often don’t last.

And with that, the Countdown to Ultimate is over! Now it’s here, and you can be damn well sure that I’ll be playing it the moment I’m done with this post! So I’ll see you tomorrow for my initial thoughts!

If I can tear myself away from the game, that is…

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