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Day 267: Countdown to Ultimate: Wii U

One day away. Tomorrow, Smash Bros Ultimate drops on the Nintendo Switch. I’m excited, you’re excited, my dogs are excited (though I think that that’s just their default state at this point) everyone is excited! And I’m just as excited to revisit the last game in our little retrospective, as well as my favorite Smash game.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

I absolutely adore this game. I’ve poured more time into this one than any other Smash game, with my current total being well over four hundred and forty hours. Everything there is to do in this game, I’ve done it.

No matter how infuriating it may have been.

Though it is kind of hard to talk about this game after talking about the 3DS version. Mostly because I’d be repeating myself. The roster is the same, and while there are many more of them, the collectibles are the same.

The main difference boils down to three different modes: 8 Player Smash, Classic Mode, and Smash Tour.

Just looking at this low quality screenshot makes me want to scream.

Let’s start with Smash Tour. I hate this mode. It’s boring, completely random, and none of the challenges tied to this mode are even that difficult. This is easily the worst mode in the game, and maybe the worst in the history of Smash Bros.

8 Player Smash, on the other hand, may be the best mode in the history of the series. For the first time, a whole party of eight can duke it out on the same screen. It’s incredibly hectic, fun, and it gets as many people into the game as possible. I fucking adore this mode.

Then there’s Classic Mode, which has been completely redone for this version. Instead of going in a straight line, fighting one random battle to another and then killing the boss, this one is a lot more like a board game. Your character is a piece on the massive board, and all around you are different clusters of enemies with different game rules. You choose which ones you fight, slaughter some Miis, then battle the boss.

And depending on your difficulty setting, this boss will either be a cake walk or a jagged sandpaper dildo up the ass.

On the highest settings, the final boss of Classic mode is a barage of difficult bosses. First there’s Master Hand and Crazy Hand, then there’s the Master Swarm, which takes on the forms of a Beast, Swords, mirror of your character, and of course: the Master Fortress. All of these are brutally difficult, and they combine to make one of the hardest bosses in the history of Smash Bros.

And there’s a challenge that requires you to beat the whole mode, bosses included, on the highest difficulty. Without dying once. At any point.

I still have PTSD thanks to this shit. And in case you’re curious, yes. I beat that shit. I’m not proud of how I did it, but I did it.

Bit of advice: Kirby’s Down B attack does stupid damage to those bosses if you bolster his attack. Just make sure to balance out his defences while you’re at it.

I do have some issues though, and no I’m not going to repeat my paragraph on Smash Tour. Online play is really bad, as is Nintendo tradition at this point. Not being able to play eight player smash on any map is a huge waste, and it can spoil the mood if you and your friends really wanted to play on a specific map. Customizing characters, while it is a neat idea, is made a lot worse by the simple fact that the alternate moves range from far superior to straight up terrible. And grinding for trophies is more time consuming and tedious than ever before, as there are many hundreds of them throughout the game.

Also, the Custom Stage Builder, one of my favorite additions in Brawl, has been completely neutered in this game. It’s so bare bones that it hurts, and I never touched it after the first time. It feels like a complete waste of space.

Still, criticisms aside, this is a fantastic game. It’s easily the most fun and well filled game in the series, even if some of the modes aren’t very good. Even with Ultimate finally coming tomorrow, I’ll still go back and replay this one time and time again.

Even if the PTSD keeps me up at night.

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