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Day 266: Countdown to Ultimate: 3DS

For the first portable Smash game, this one is really solid. Granted, it’s practically impossible to make a bad game out of the Smash Bros framework, but it’s an impressive game nonetheless.

I have fond memories of this one. It dropped early during my time in high school, and quickly became a staple at our lunch table. Practically every day’s lunch period was spent scarfing down the slop that schools pass off as food as quickly as possible, breaking out our 3DSes and hopping straight into a game. We did this about every day for a year.

Until Mario Kart took it’s place in our senior year. We wanted as many people to play with us as possible.

What makes this game especially memorable, at least for me, is the roster. Yes, the Wii U version has the exact same roster, but this one did come out first.

And it is pretty fucking big.

I know this is the incomplete roster, but this is the best image I could find, get off my back.

Sure, it removed more series veterans, such as the Ice Climbers and Wolf, but it also introduced a few of my favorite characters to play as, like Rosalina, Little Mac, and Greninja.

On top of that, the DLC brought back some of my favorites, those being Roy and Mewtwo, and introduced some really fun new characters, those being Ryu, Cloud, Corrin and Bayonneta. I love all of these characters, and they were well worth the price tag.

The gameplay is also my current favorite out of the entire series. It feels really good to play, and looks just as good. Every attack feels quick and full of weight and impact, and each blow feels immensely satisfying.

The selection of stages is also pretty great. The Spirit Train and the Pac-Man stages are two of my favorite in the entire series, and they’re a ton of fun to play.

However, as fun as it is to play, the hardware limitations keep this from being the best game yet. While the game ran pretty smoothly most of the time, I did notice a few frame dips here and there in my time playing it. These were few and far between, bit they were annoying nonetheless.

And the Classic Mode, in comparison to the Wii U version, is completely neutered. It’s still challenging, but the entire Master Fortress stage of the fight is completely absent, which greatly reduces the difficulty. This is a personal issue, of course, but I wanted a far greater challenge than what this version gave me.

A challenge that the Wii U version more than happily (and without consent) shoved up my ass.

Don’t get me wrong though. If you’re aiming to one hundred percent complete either this version or the Wii U, you’ll be here for a long time. And I do mean a long time.

Here’s a quick checklist of things you need to collect, excluding unlockable characters or stages. This list is as follows:

  • Hundreds of trophies
  • Mii Fighter costumes
  • Alternate moves for all non-DLC characters
  • Hundreds of music tracks
  • All the Challenges, the Smash equivalent of achievements.

And so on. Put together, to gather everything requires well over 200 hours of dedicated gameplay. This isn’t including failed attempts at some of the mini-game tied achievements, by the way. This is assuming that you did it all perfectly on your first try.

Spoiler alert: you won’t.

And guess what? The Wii U version has even more of these collectibles and challenges.

All of which I have recieved. Because I’m a fucking insane person. But that’s for tomorrow’s rant.

All things considered, this is a really solid Smash Bros game. Far from the best, but it’s still a ton of fun. Between fond memories and it’s genuine quality, I’ll remember this one for years to come.

Even though Ultimate being on the Switch is going to make it completely obsolete.

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