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Day 263: Countdown to Ultimate: N64 (The Original)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is only five days away, and I am about as excited as everyone else (which is to say I’m trembling). So, for the next five days, we’re going to revisit the other games in the series to further build the excitement.

So today, let’s talk about the game that many people overlook when talking about this series, despite the fact that it is easily the most important in the series. Seeing as, you know, it’s the one that started it all.

The original Super Smash Bros.

I love this game to death. Sure, it’s aged, but it’s still the best game on the N64 if you ask me. It has a nostalgic charm for me, mainly because me and my brothers/cousins would play it whenever we went to visit our grandparents. Yet, despite the sheer number of times we played it, we never unlocked Luigi, Ness or Captain Falcon.

We were never really good at it.

The main thing I love about this game is, oddly enough, the roster. Sure, it’s extremely small when compared to the later games, especially the upcoming Ultimate. But that’s why I love it: it’s simple, clean and it’s easy to pick a character.

Just look at those character icons! Look at Pikachu! He’s fucking adorable! Unlike Ness, who just looks… terrifying.

I also love hos simple the gameplay is. Specifically, the number of stages and items. This way before the Smash Ball, the Trophies, Stickers, collectible music tracks, and all of that. You only unlock two things: stages and characters. And to me, that’s all I need.

The number of stages is about as large as the roster of characters, and honestly? These are my favorite stages in the entire Smash series. I will always remember the excitement me and my family had whenever the door opened on the Pokemon stage, wondering who was going to come out of that door next and what they were going to do. It was thrilling, especially when Electrode popped out and blew us all to high hell.

Like I said earlier though, this game is aged. The controls are clunky (thanks, N64 controller), the platform and target smash minigames are really not that fun to play, and the game is not very well balanced. Some of these characters are way stronger than others, with my girl Samus sitting right at the bottom of the tier list.

Yes, I’m biased, fuck you.

The Classic Mode also feels underwhelming, even if you don’t compare it to the later games. It’s still fun, yes, but it is far from difficult, even on the highest difficulty. Master Hand, while certainly iconic, is kind of a push over, though I will admit that I still have fun kicking his ass.

No matter how old this game gets, or how much better the other games may be, I still love this game. To me, this will always be the first game that comes to mind when someone says ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Yes, even more so than Melee. But that one is for tomorrow.

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