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Day 257: My Thoughts on the Skyward Sword Remake Rumors

If you look up either ‘Legend of Zelda’ or ‘Skyward Sword’ right now, the first thing you’ll notice is a series of articles that pretty much all have the same title. That title being ‘Skyward Sword May Be Coming to Switch!’ and any variation on this you can imagine.

For those who don’t know why, let me catch you up on what happened. A little while ago, during a performance by the Legend of Zelda Orchestra over in Japan, Eiji Aonuma walked on stage and made a joke about everyone wanting Skyward Sword on the Switch (you can check out my source on that right here).

Let me tell you why I don’t think that’s happening.

Now, I could be wrong. Nintendo has proven itself to be an incredibly unpredictable company. With other companies, you can usually guess what they’re gonna do. You can always guess that Bethesda is going to talk about an Elder Scrolls game or a Fallout game with the weak possibility of a Doom or Wolfenstein game. But with Nintendo? You never know what to expect! They are great at pulling the most unexpected thing you could think of out of their asses.

I mean, come on. Mario and Rabbids happened. Before that announcement, can you say that you ever thought that it would happen? The answer is no. No you fucking didn’t, and if you say you did then you are a fucking liar.

So, for all I know, Nintendo is working on a Skyward Sword remake behind closed doors. But at the same time, it’s wholly possible that they’re never going to do it at all. Frankly, it is completely impossible to guess.

However, there is more evidence to suggest that it won’t happen than there is. The most major one being the game itself and the hardware of the Switch.

See, the point of the Switch is that you can play however you want. You can play on the TV, on the go, in your lap, in your hands, however the fuck you want. That’s what makes the system so great.

Skyward Sword, on the other hand, was built from the ground up to be played one way: with the motion controls. The whole game was built with that system in mind. From the combat to the mini-games, everything in Skyward Sword was built with the Wii Motion Plus in mind.

Now picture this. You’re on a plane for the next four hours. You’re surrounded by other people, but you have enough space to move comfortably. Bored out of your mind, you pull out your Switch and decide to play some Zelda. Do you want to swing your Joycon around like a fucking lunatic in public? The answer for most people is no. Not only do you look insane, but you risk the possibility of inconveniencing others.

If Nintendo were to remake Skyward Sword, they’d need to rebuild the game from the ground up to make it work on the new hardware. This means adding options to play without motion controls, which would require reworking almost all of the enemies and bosses, as well as the items and puzzles. It’s not just one aspect: it’s literally the entire fucking game! Whether or not that’s a worth while use of Nintendo’s funds is an extremely difficult question to answer, but the answer leans pretty heavily on no.

Which brings me to my next point: the game’s reception.

Look, I love this game to death. And many other people do as well. But there are just as many people out there who didn’t feel as positively about it. IE people fucking hate this game.

Unlike the other Zelda remasters (those being Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on 3DS, as well as Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the Wii U) Skyward Sword has a very divisive nature to it. Whereas practically everyone is on the same page in regards to, say, Wind Waker (that page being that it fucking rocks) it’s really hard to find someone on the same page as you on Skyward Sword. Everyone has different experiences with games, and many people had very negative experiences with this game. At the same time, many had a great time with it.

Then there’s me, who has one hundred percent completed it seven times. What can I say, I got it on my thirteenth birthday and fell in love with it.

Now, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not saying it will or won’t happen. I’m simply putting my opinion on the matter out there. Personally, I’d love to see a Skyward Sword port on Switch, especially if Nintendo found a way to iron out the game’s flaws and make it a better experience. But looking at it objectively, I just can’t see why they’d bother.

But again: Nintendo is super unpredictable. For all I fucking know, they’re going to announce this, a Super Metroid HD remake, a new F-Zero game, and Duck Hunt 2: Hunting Dogs, along with Yoshi’s Island In Space during their next Nintendo Direct. They’re completely unpredictable in just about every way.

Which is probably why I love them so much.

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