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ARCHIVE Day 121: Godzilla VS Gigan

Original Release: July 6th, 2018

Let’s give this movie the credit where it’s due. Gigan himself looks really fucking rad.


I fucking love this guys design. He’s just a walking mishmash of weapons, fish shit, and a bird peak. He’s just fun to look at. Honestly, he’s one of my favorite looking monsters in the franchise.

That’s all the good I can say about this movie. Everything else kind of sucks.

I can go over how the tone is super confused, not deciding whether or not it’s for adults (what with the extreme amounts of blood and cursing) or for kids (what with the thing that we’re gonna talk about here in a bit). We could also talk about the terrible special effects, particularly with the lack of movement in Ghidorah’s heads.

Instead, we’re gonna talk about the most unique thing about this movie.

Godzilla and Anguiris aren’t just partners in Earth defending (oh yeah Anguiris is in this movie); they also fucking talk to each other. Like, actual words. I’m pretty sure that it’ supposed to be the translated version of their monster roars, but good god they do not communicate that well to the audience.

I will say this though: it’s fucking hilarious.

Seriously, the voice actors for the two are terrible. It’s a pure delight on the same level as the Room whenever these two speak. Especially so in the English version.

There’s a strong argument for both versions of any of these movies (except for the original and Shin Godzilla) but dude: the English version of this film is kind of the best.

Aside from the terrible hilarity, I’d recommend you skip this one. It was a pretty weak movie overall. This one was kind of right in the middle of the ‘god awful’ era of Godzilla. None of the movies until MechaGodzilla were any good.

Well, except for the next one.

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