Day 241: Fixing RWBY Volume 1 Part 5: Episodes 11-14

Day 241: Fixing RWBY Volume 1 Part 5: Episodes 11-14

Part 1
Episodes 1-2

Part 2
Episodes 3-4

Part 3
The Emerald Forest (5-8)

Part 4
Episodes 9-10

Okay. Here’s where the changes get really fucking substantial. Up to this point, I’ve been trying to hone the edges on the story beats that the original had while enhancing the characters. Here though, I’m going to cut out one of the biggest story beats of the show.

The entire Jaundice arc.

In the original, four episodes were spent focusing entirely on Jaune getting bullied by an extra character that is so one-dimensional and boring that it was hard to care. While it did feature some cute moments between Pyrha and Jaune, it had even more inconsistent character moments. For example, there’s a scene where Ruby comforts Jaune and tells him that being a leader isn’t all that difficult if you try.

A single episode after she struggles to be a leader.

These episodes are a waste of time. At this point in the series, we need to focus on developing the main four characters: the RWBY girls. Spending so much time on the side characters when your main cast isn’t very well fleshed out yet is a bad idea.

One I will not take.

Instead, we’re going to use this bunch of episodes to develop the Faunes race, their history, and Blaike’s character.

Here we go.

Episode eleven opens in the dining hall during the lunch period, with teams RWBY and JNPR resting after a brutal period of combat training. Everyone is exhausted, with Jaune having the worst of it and being on the brink of passing out. After a few casual interactions between the eight characters, Blaike notices a commotion a few tables away, with a background extra picking on a Faunes, much like the original.

Unlike the original, however, this moment actually has weight for the characters. Ruby and Yang notice this as well, and Yang gets angry and prepares to storm over. Ruby shares her frustration, but tries desperately to get Yang to calm down. Weiss, on the other hand, looks on, uncaring.

Blaike, on the other hand, has already stepped between the bully and the Faunes. She glowers down at him, telling him to back off. The hall goes quiet as everyone turns their attention on Blaike. Ruby and Yang rush over to help, and Weiss remains firmly seated.

The bully doesn’t back down, standing to get in Blaike’s face. Afraid the situation is about to fly out of control, Ruby tries to get Blaike to step away, but she refuses to do so. Upon hearing this, the JNPR members rush to grab a teacher in case things get out of control.

Which they do.

The extra throws a punch at Blaike. With cat-like agility (yes, I know, shut up) Blaike avoids the blow, grabs him by the arm, and slams him into the ground. A massive gasp ripples through the crowd, with a few excited cheers here and there. Weiss finally stops looking on in disinterest, now standing and yelling profusely at Blaike. Ruby flies into a panic, desperately trying to stop Blaike before the situation gets worse while Yang tries to get Weiss to shut up. The bully gets up, completely fumed, and gets ready to fight again when Ozpin and Goodwich step in and break things up. With the fight settled, Ozpin tells the bully and the RWBY girls to see him in his office.

After a brief apology from the JNPR members, we cut to Ozpin’s office, where he scolds the RWBY girls for their failings. Blaike is chewed out for starting a fight, which she rebuts by telling him he was discriminating against a Faunes student, which he rebuts by stating that she should’ve gone to him to take care of the problem. Weiss is scolded for doing nothing to aid in the situation, Yang for turning on her teammate, and Ruby for proving incapable of keeping her team united together and under control.

By the time they’re out of the office, their Grimm biology class is well under way. In the hall on their way there, Weiss demands to know what the hell Blaike was thinking, and Blaike simply states that she was putting a bully in his place and helping someone out. When she begins yelling, Yang steps between them, telling her to back off. Ruby desperately tries to get everyone to stop fighting, and tells everyone they should head into town after class and get some R&R. The others are clearly frustrated with one another, but they stop arguing and agree to her idea.

We later rejoin our heroes in the city, enjoying a moment of rest after a very long day. As none of them have been to the city before, as they’ve spent all their time on campus, so they simply explore and find fun places to hang out. These include things such as a sweets shop, a book store (which will return in Volume 2’s prologue) and the docks (which will return later).

As they explore, they find a taped off crime scene. Here, we introduce the White Fang, as many of their banners are scattered about the scene, which appears to be a robbery of a Dust store. This gets Ruby’s attention, as she remembers her encounter with Roman, and Blaike’s attention at the sight of the flyers. Yang takes notice of both of these, and decides to go investigate (ignoring Weiss’ demand for them to leave it to the police).

They ask an officer what’s going on, and he explains that this is just another Dust shop robbery courtesy of the White Fang. Blaike expresses confusion at this, as well as a surprising knowledge on the White Fang by stating that the White Fang wouldn’t need to rob something so small as a Dust shop. Ruby asks the officer if they saw either a man in a bowler hat or a woman in a short red dress, and the man confirms that Roman was indeed seen at the scene.

Thanking the officer for his time and stepping away, Weiss scolds her teammates for wasting an officers time, but Ruby ignores her and explains to everyone that she’s aware of who the criminal is, telling them about the first few events of the first episode. Blaike grows even more confused at this, wondering why the White Fang would team up with a common criminal.

It’s at this point that Ruby and Yang ask what the White Fang is, as neither of them had ever heard of them. Blaike isn’t surprised, and she explains that they were once a passive activist group for Faunes equal rights, and Weiss finishes by explaining that they’ve since become a violent group of terrorists. This sends Blaike into a rage, and the two nearly fly into a loud and violent argument, which is broken up by both Yang and Ruby. At this point, Weiss takes a deep and calming breath and decides to go back to the dorm and get some rest.

Once she’s gone, Yang asks Blaike what’s gotten into her, but Blaike remains quiet. She simply apologizes for her behavior today and starts off, leaving Ruby and Yang alone as the episode ends.

Which is where we’ll leave off today. Next time, we’ll finally wrap up volume one with the Black-and-White story arc. After that, we’ll take a day to alter the setting a bit. After that one, I’m going to put all of these together into a great big Fixing Volume 1 post. In that, I’ll look over what I’ve put down thus far and further refine our version of the story’s draft.

I hope you’ll stick with me until then.

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