Day 238: Fixing RWBY Volume 1 Part 2: Episodes 3-4

Day 238: Fixing RWBY Volume 1 Part 2: Episodes 3-4

If you missed Part 1 of this little passion series of mine, you can check it out in the link right here. But if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, I’ll bullet point what you’ve missed really quickly.

  • Ruby is now a powerless girl (or so she thinks, as she can’t use her Silver Eyes yet) who works hard to keep up with everyone with nothing but skill. Her socially anxious personality has been cranked up, and she feels completely out of place at Beacon, as everyone judges her harshly for her young age. She tries to avoid conflict with other people as best she can, though conflict often finds her. She wishes to become a Huntress in order to find out the truth behind her mother’s death.
  • Yang is a much more dependable sister, electing to stay close to Ruby and help her calm down while she’s having a panic attack, even if she doesn’t quite know how to calm her down. She is very confrontational, getting up in anyone’s face if they make her upset (which is easy if they start by picking on Ruby). Aside from that, she’s very much like her original character: hyper, easily excited, and socially outgoing. Her own goal is yet to be revealed.
  • Weiss’ bitch level has been cranked up to eleven. Everyone sucks up to her due to her family’s status, though her relationship with her father is quite strained, and she’s been forced to take care of herself by leaving her family and going to Beacon (though we haven’t spelled that out yet). She now has a strong conflict with Ruby, Yang and Blaike, instead of just the former. Her goal is yet unknown.
  • Blaike is now a much more mature and reliable character. She isn’t afraid to step between people and stop a fight, and she’s level-headed enough to remain unshaken in the face of danger or rage. She’s short spoken, keeping her sentences short and to the point. While she is very friendly and dependable, she is hardly the most sociable character. Much like Yang and Weiss, her goal as a character is yet to be revealed in our version.

And I’ll leave the rest to the other post. Now, with the enhanced character sheets in place, let’s continue on where we left off.

After the encounter between the future team RWBY members, everyone gathers around for a speech from Professor Ozpin. While I feel his speech should remain mostly the same, I would add a little more of a light hearted but stern attitude so that it better fits his character. After this, they announce that everyone will be sleeping together tonight, as to get them prepared for their co-ed dorms, but firmly warns them that any funny business will result in immediate expulsion.

Cut to the night, and everyone is getting situated. Ruby sets up in a little corner away from everyone else, and Yang sets up beside her. Blaike isn’t too far from either of them, and she is currently nose-first into a book. Meanwhile, Weiss is talking to Pyrha (I have no idea if I’m spelling that right, and I can’t be bothered to look it up, so I’m just gonna keep rolling with my error), which we’ll use as the ladder’s character introduction.

Now, out of all the characters, Pyrha is the one I’m changing the least. She was a personal favorite of mine in the original story, and she had the most compelling personality. However, she does still suffer from the same issue that most of them do: a lack of a goal. The establishment of that, however, must wait until later.

While Weiss is busy buttering up Pyrha, Ruby examines her (Pyrha) closely, as she feels she’s seen her before, and she gets so focused on it that she doesn’t notice Yang go over to talk to Blaike until she returns, this time with Blaike, who has decided to join them for the night rather than be alone. Here, Ruby and Blaike connect more thanks to their shared passion for books, and they discover their similar tastes with one another, thus growing closer as friends.

This slumber party scene is also how we’ll introduce Jaune, Ren and Nora. After Ruby and Yang are situated, we cut to Jaune awkwardly moving around and trying to make friends by acting cool and suave. However, due to his earlier vomit accident on the blimp, most everyone tries to avoid him. Ren and Nora, who are situated on the edge of the room with a fair amount of space between them, mind their own business for a bit, with Nora acting all bubbly and hyper while Ren calmly rolls with the punches she throws at him. When he notices Jaune’s awkward stumbling and failure to connect with anyone, he waves him over and invites him to join them.

Now, Ren and Nora are probably the characters that require the most work. Mostly because they really… didn’t have much character until season four. And even then, they are severely lacking. So let’s fix that, shall we?

In our version, Ren is a far more open person. He takes pity on those who are alone and without friends, and strives to help them out, much like he does with Jaune. He is very blunt and straight forward, never being afraid to tell someone what he’s thinking. He is the straight man to Nora’s antics, and he clearly cares deeply for his long time companion. All of which would be shown in this scene, as he simply tells Jaune that walking around and sucking up to people by trying to look cool isn’t a good way to make friends.

Nora isn’t a whole lot different, but she does have a few substantial changes. While our version is still the same in terms of her hyperactive and bubbly personality, as well as her attachment to Ren, ours will bring out the duality the original had. See, the biggest problem of Nora (aside from her complete lack of a goal) is her lack of consistency. Some scenes, she’s serious when she needs to be serious. Others, she’s still an over-the-top goofball, even though she should be taking the situation seriously. In our rebuild, Nora shows off her more serious side more often, doing so in this scene when she backs up Ren’s statement about making friends and gives Jaune some serious advice.

After the slumber party, which would likely take up the whole episode after Ozpin’s speech if we’re also keeping to volume one’s pacing, we cut to a short scene in the locker room. Ruby gathers her equipment in a nervous huff, while Yang gears up with an excited grin on her face. Blaike gears up quickly and leaves the two behind, and Weiss prepares herself in an isolated little corner, finally being away from her collection of suck ups.

Meanwhile, Jaune has lost track of his locker, and a geared up Ren and Nora attempt to help him out with little success (mostly due to Jaune’s own incompetence). At this point, Pyrha approaches and gives them a hand, resolving the issue. Jaune thanks her and asks who she is, which she’s genuinely taken aback by. Ren and Nora explain to Jaune who she is, which serves as the final piece to reveal just how famous she really is.

After the locker room scene, the rest plays out much the same as it did in the original. Everyone gathers on the cliff side, Ozpin explains the test, and he reveals that everyone will be paired up, and the students will be stuck with their partners for their entire time at the school, which make’s Ruby’s stomach drop. And like the original, the episode ends with everyone being launched into the forest, and the Forest Test Arc begins.

We’ll get through that whole event in tomorrow’s post.

Again, my changes thus far haven’t been anything game changing. All I’ve done is give a little extra depth to characters that desperately needed them. In terms of the overall story, that hasn’t really changed. And that will remain true for the most part in this Arc.

It’s what comes after that I’ll be changing a lot.

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