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Day 232: 11/1/18 Final Smash Ultimate Direct

I suppose I shouldn’t be disappointed. I mean, I love Ken and Inceneroar as much as the next guy (the ladder beinh my favorite Alolan Pokemon) but… Piranha Plant? Really? He looks fun, don’t get me wrong, but… really? This is the Smash Bros equivalent of Phoenix Wright in Marvel VS Capcom.

Granted, Phoenix Wright became my main, so I guess I can’t judge until I play him.

Just over one month away from the game’s release, Nintendo spilled the beans as to the bulk of the remaining hidden content. This includes the remaining characters (not counting the five DLC characters that they announced in this Direct), which include the aforementioned Ken and Inceneroar, with a Free-L-C character coming in Piranha Plant for a pre-order bonus, the ‘Spirits’ system and the announcement of the story mode: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light.

Which includes a bitching insert song version of the game’s main theme that I’m going to listen to a lot. Seriously, no one is talking about that and it’s making me upset! It’s so fucking good!

Anyways, let’s talk about the Spirits system, which fans figured out well before the announcement. This system replaces the collectible trophies from the previous games, and this time it has a direct affect on gameplay. Using Spirits, you can increase the stats of a character for certain modes. It’s a neat little thing that I feel will only be used in the World of Light mode, Challenges, and Classic mode.

They also showed off how online gameplay will work (spoiler alert: not well, because it’s Nintendo), the alteration of how the ‘Handicap’ system works (which I personally will never use) and a few more new Assist Trophies. There were tons of other things, but aside from the Spirit system and a teaser for the World of Light mode, they were all smaller little touches.

Speaking of that World of Light teaser, my god was that awesome! Seeing a horde of Master Hands and a mysterious light bearing down on the Nintendo heroes, who’ve all united to battle them. We get a few voice-acted lines from Fox, Marth (hearing Marth speak in English sounds wrong somehow) Zelda and Pit.

And then everyone (except Kirby because Sakurai loves him) fucking dies in a blast of blinding light!!

I was skeptical before, but now? Now I’m super fucking excited for the new story mode! I have to see what happens next, what that Light monster thing is, and how the game will actually play. God, we only just got to November! WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE DECEMBER ALREADY?!

We finally have the full base-game roster. We know every mode. Now all we need is the specifics, which we’ll only get once we have the game in our hands. And the clock is winding down, day by day.

And it’s never felt so slow.

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