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ARCHIVE Day 107: Incredibles 2

Original Release: June 22nd, 2018

Man, was I in a bad mood when I wrote this. It doesn’t really come across in the writing, I just felt like putting that out there. Just… don’t ask why I was so upset on my birthday, okay?

Also, I feel like I was too generous in this review. My opinion hasn’t changed much, but it has gotten a little lower as time’s gone on. It’s dropped from an ‘eh, it was alright’ to a ‘wow, that was mediocre’ rating.

Any who, that’s enough out of me. Enjoy the Archive.

I don’t know if I’ve ever put it down on this blog, but I love Pixar movies. And with them usually coming out in late May or early June, they’re always on time for my birthday. As such, most of my birthdays involve going out to see the newest Pixar movie.

Oh yeah, today’s my birthday by the way.

Anyways, today’s birthday film was a very special one to me: Incredibles 2.

The first Incredibles movie was fantastic (you expected me to say incredible, didn’t you? Well, I don’t go for the low hanging fruit) in about every regard. The animation, the story, the acting, the music, everything added up to become one of, if not the best Pixar movie ever made.

So the question is: does the sequel live up to it? Was it worth fourteen years of waiting?

I’d say so.

It’s not as good as the first, don’t get me wrong. But it was still a really good movie. The story, while not nearly as good as the first one, was still really fun to watch and well written. The music wasn’t as memorable, but it was still good. The animation was better, yes, but that’s purely because of the advances in technology in the last fourteen years. The acting was phenomenal, because of course it was. No one fell behind in all the cast.

Overall, it was a very good movie. Not in the top five Pixar movies, but still a passable and fun film. If you waited for over a decade for this film like I did, I can’t say you’ll be too disappointed. If you’re expecting the film of the century, you will be. If you’re expecting something not as good as the first but still really good, then you’ll be satisfied.

It’s all subjective, I guess.

Unless it’s Solo. Then my word is law and yours is wrong.

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