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Original Release: June 18th, 2018

MMO games used to be my favorite kind of games. You know, Massively Multiplayer Online games. World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic and my personal favorite: Guild Wars 2 are all perfect examples. Games with tons of players that work together to defeat dungeons, bosses and complete quests.

Y’know, the games that you spend a thousand hours playing and often have to pay more than once for.

As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve sort of drifted away from them. Mainly because they required fifteen bucks out of my wallet every month just to keep playing, but more than anything it was a loss of time.

For those who haven’t ever played one (I’m so jealous of you) let me explain: these games take time. Like, a lot of it. You need to spend hours gathering items, gold, experience points, gathering party members, and fighting monsters.

Though you mostly just wait for them to spawn so you can kill them. Or some other prick comes by at the last second and takes all the credit for the kill. That’s right World of Warcraft, I remember the suffering you put me through!

Sorry. Just a little MMO induced PTSD.

Anyways, I’m honestly fine with the fact that I don’t play them anymore. It feels good to not spend hours sitting still at my keyboard.

I mean, I do that anyways, but at least I get things done this time.

I do often miss the communities those games had. A lot of the people I played with were really fun and nice people. But they’re not enough to keep me playing these games.

My sanity can only be pushed so far.

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