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ARCHIVE Persona 5 The Review E11: Queen

Original Release: June 16th, 2018

This was actually pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

Mostly because it’s all about Makoto Nijima, who is my favorite Persona 5 character. Y’know, best girl.

And if you say Futaba is best girl then you need to get help and stop diving into the trash!

Anyways, this episode did something that none of the others have done yet: it added new scenes that were actually good! Holy shit! These scenes are: small baby Makoto (who is criminally cute) having a good relationship with her dad followed by a teenage Makoto attending her funeral. The next scene was what happened before the Phantoms saved Makoto from Kaneshiro: which involved a lot of choking and non-consensual stripping (don’t worry, the most we see is her bra strap for two seconds and if you wanted more than that you’re a creepy bastard).

Aside from that, it’s the same as in the game. It goes like this…

-Akechi makes fun of Makoto, calling her a good girl pushover because he’s an asshat
-Makoto gets chewed out by Sae because Sae is a bitch
-The Phantom Thieves continue to be assholes to best girl for a bit
-Makoto snaps and goes to confront Kaneshiro while Ren is on the phone
-Makoto and the Phantoms (which sounds like a bitching band) enter Kaneshiro’s bank
-Kaneshiro threatens to make Makoto and her sister sex slaves (the game was rated M you guys) and Makoto shouts at him
-Makoto awakens her Persona and they fight their way out
-The episode ends with her taking up her code name: Queen

Again, it wasn’t great. Pretty much everyone except Kaneshiro and Makoto lacked energy or life this episode. Everyone else was just kind of… still and unmoving. It was kind of boring to watch at points. But there was one thing I loved. A very simple joke that only lasted about three seconds.

So after the Kaneshiro confrontation in the real world, Makoto meets Morgana for the first time. Morgana starts explaining his plan to get into the bank to everyone else, and for a brief moment, we get to see it from Makoto’s point of view: where Morgana is just meowing. A lot.

It sounds dumb, but trust me it was funny.

Overall, this episode was alright. It actually gave me a hearty laugh, and I did enjoy everything with Makoto (which is pretty much everything and no, I’m not biased because she’s my Waifu) and Kaneshiro was actually a pretty enjoyable villain. Pretty okay overall.

Now I need to go back and watch that new My Hero Academia episode another seven times. See ya.

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