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ARCHIVE Day 98: The Top of E3

Original Release: June 13th, 2018

Now that all the major press conferences are done, I think it’s time to rate which games have me the most excited. Yes, games and not conferences. If I talked about the conferences as a whole, I’d be here all day.

Consider this my top three games of E3.

Number one should be obvious. Smash Bros Ultimate. Duh. Featuring every god damn character in Smash Bros history, brand new characters in the Inklings and Ridley (RIP Waluigi and Bomberman) and some serious tweaks to the gameplay, it’s looking to be just as the title describes it. The ultimate Smash Bros experience.

Why is December half a year away, god damn it!

Second up, we have Spiderman on PS4. I love Spiderman, so to see him come back in his own stand-alone game is pretty awesome. Even if that game is just Batman: Arkham Spider. I don’t care, I’m excited nonetheless.

September never felt so far away…

And finally, we have Kingdom Hearts 3. Fucking finally. It only took us thirteen god-damn years to get it, but we finally have it: a release date! HALLELUJAH!

Also Frozen and Tangled worlds look charming, and Toy Story world looks like a fun time. No, I’m not excited about the story. The story is messy trash. We play these games for the gameplay, not the plot. Just accept it, KH fans.

Overall, this was a solid E3. We got some cool new games, details on games that we’d been waiting on for a while, and a ton of exciting gameplay. It’s been a good few days.

It’s just a damn shame we never got any Metroid Prime 4…

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