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Original Release: June 9th, 2018

Y’know, in the game Akechi was a welcome new personality and face we hadn’t seen before up to this point. Therefor, you the player were excited to see where he would end up, especially with the main cast.

In the show, I’m sick to death of him already because they have a weird ‘Akechi-Quota’ that they need for every episode. So when the camera panned up to reveal him for the interview, instead of being curious and excited to learn more about him, I let out an audible groan of misery.

Take from that as you will.

Also, in the first five minutes alone, there are two shots that linger for way too long. Those being Makoto helping out an old woman who tripped (further proving that she’s best girl) and a lingering shot on Akechi’s lips. Neither of these are animated in any way. They just last for a few seconds too long until the next cut.

That sounds like a nitpick, but trust me it’s not fun to watch.

Aside from that, the episode covers the basic points.
-The TV station and meeting Akechi (even though they’ve already met in this version)
Also, for some reason we not one but two scenes of Mishima being a creeper inside the studio. Don’t ask me why they’re here, but they are.
-Makoto confronting the Phantoms and blackmailing them to help (which is somehow even more painfully obvious and easy to do than in the game)
-Investigating into Kaneshiro’s business (Quick side note, they totally skip the part where they gather the information and just jump straight to the alleyway scene. Yup. They passed the most interesting part of an investigation: actually investigating.)
-Meeting up with Ohya for information
-Going to Shinjuku (featuring MORE CGI PEOPLE!!)
-Meeting Chihaya the fortune teller
-Ryuji getting snagged away by gay rapists (1. Yeah, this was an issue in the game as well, though it is far worse here, featuring an actual physical struggle, lots of screaming, and Ren cracking a joke and 2. This version uses Blooming Villain, the Boss Fight track for… some reason.)
-Meeting Lala-Chan at the bar (one of my favorite background characters from the game, I don’t know why)
-Entering Kaneshiro’s Palace (which was actually pretty well animated and nice to look at)

Does that seem like too much to fit in one episode? Because it was.

I’ll be honest, this was a rough episode. Every change made from the game is pretty poor and only hurts the story. It’s not as bad as episodes two or three (granted, the only thing worse than those would be bathing my head in boiling tar while A-1 rapes a copy of Persona 5) but it’s nowhere near as good as the last episode was.

Again, I’d like to reiterate: the last episode was filler. And it was the best episode of the show by a fucking landslide.

And we’re only on Palace #3… ugh…

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