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ARCHIVE Day 92: Five Days Away…

Original Release: June 7th, 2018

Guys. Guys.

E3 is right around the corner!

I’ve already made my predictions for what we’ll see. I’m mostly just here to discuss why I love E3, even though I’ve never actually been there.

Simply put, I’m a child. I always get excited when new things I love are announced. Be they a new game in a franchise I’ve loved for years or a brand new IP that no one’s ever seen before, I’m always excited to see a new game.

Even though most of them will simply be canceled or far worse than they appear to be.

Still, I love to get excited. Mainly because it gives me a reason to live a little longer. Breath of the Wild from E3 2016 promised a brand new and amazing entry in one of my favorite franchises. The Dragon Ball Figtherz reveal from last year’s conference was the unveiling of the first Dragon Ball game to be taken seriously by non-Dragon Ball Fans. So on and so forth.

Plus, the conferences can be genuinely fun. Nintendo always does something creative with how they present the information to us, Sony always cuts straight to the chase and shows us the games (y’know, the part we care about) thus showing us gamers respect instead of treating us like consumers, and Microsoft… needs to get their shit together this year.

Yes, there are also shows that are… super boring. Honestly speaking, Bethesda’s 2017 show was… pretty bad, and the EA showcase is almost always a shit-show. Ubisoft is usually pretty up and down (just like their games), which is okay. Not all of them can be winners. So long as they announce interesting or fun looking games, I can live with poor showmanship.

In conclusion, I’m a big man baby. Whenever a new game that I find interesting is announced, I start getting really excited. Sometimes too excited. I can’t help myself, really.

God, I’m excited to be disappointed.

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