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ARCHIVE Day 82: Yeah, this is Dark Souls

Original Release: May 28th, 2018

Dark Souls Remastered has been out for three days now. So how is it? Well, it’s certainly Dark Souls.

If you were hoping that this would be a complete remake of the first game, you’ll be disappointed. If you think this’ll be Dark Souls 1 with Dark Souls 3 gameplay, you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking for Dark Souls 1 with Dark Souls 2 gameplay…

Then get out.

This is Dark Souls 1. It looks better, runs better, sounds better, but it plays the same. Decently well, somewhat infuriating, and kind of depressing. Yup, it’s certainly the first game.

There were plenty of opportunities to make the game better. Several bosses could’ve used some tweaking to become better, the character creator definitely could’ve been improved, and the servers are still pretty rough (but it’s still only a few days after launch, so that’s just to be expected).

Honestly though, I’m fine with this. Dark Souls 1 with better frame rates, graphics and renewed multiplayer? Sign me the fuck up!

One thing I noticed is that a lot of people don’t like the Remaster. They say it doesn’t change enough, it doesn’t improve anything, or that it’s a waste of money. To that, I say…

What did you expect?

They made it pretty clear what this would be when they announced it. It’s Dark Souls on modern technology. They never said it’s be a complete reconstruction of the gameplay. It’s a Remaster, not a Remake.

As infuriating as some of Dark Souls 1 is (cough cough Capra Demon cough cough), I’m still having a blast revisiting one of my favorite games ever made. The Remaster could’ve tweaked a few things, yes, but I’m happy with what we got and I’ll be playing this version for hundreds of hours.

I’m so looking forward to being destroyed by Orenstien and Smough in crisp 60 FPS.

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