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Day 203: My Thoughts so Far on Spiderman PS4

Quick note: this is not a review. I haven’t beaten the game yet, so it would be kind of hard for me to rate it. But I do want to share my thoughts thus far. Don’t expect any spoilers in this post, if you’re worried about those.

That being said: good god this game is fucking fun!

This may be, at least in my opinion, the best Spiderman game ever made. It looks fantastic, the music is great, and the combat is… Batman. It’s just a Batman Arkham game, and I assure you: that’s a compliment. This game felt like it was built to be fun in every regard.

And that’s without talking about the web-swinging. Good god, I have never had so much fun just moving through an over world. Swinging mere inches above the road, running along roads, and launching Spidey into the air is absurdly fun. I could play an entire game of just swinging around, doing mini-missions and collecting stuff.

Speaking of mini-missions and collectibles, I love every single one of these. You can find:

  • Peter’s old backpacks from High School (this mother fucker had a lot of those)
  • Construction sites run by gang bosses full of goons
  • Towers that reveal collectibles (cause it’s an open world game)
  • Random street crimes occurring around town

And more. But those go into spoilers, which I promised against.

But there is one aspect I love more than any of these combined: the costumes. There are so many costumes that Spiderman can unlock. All of these are references to the different comics and movies, such as the Homecoming suit from the latest film. And best of all: each of them have a special power that you can use in play. These range from filling your Special meter, making it harder for you to be seen, so on and so forth. All of these are fun and useful, and you can reassign them to any suit you want.

Meaning you can use any suit you want with any power you want. Fuck. Yes.

I love this game, so far at least. Again: I still haven’t beaten it. Maybe the game’s story will fuck it up somehow. But even if it does, that doesn’t change the simple fact that the gameplay is amazing.

Get it? Cause… the Amazing Spiderman… I’ll stop now. Sorry.

You can expect a full review of this game once I’ve finished the game. You can also expect a review of each of the DLC stories when those come out.

Because I need to milk this game as much as possible.

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