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ARCHIVE Day 77: Dark Souls Remastered Hype

Original Release: May 23rd, 2018

Do you guys want to tell him or should I? Cause this kid is gonna be really disappointed pretty soon.

If I hadn’t made it clear before, I love Dark Souls. Like, a lot. Which is why it’s only natural that I’ve got my copy of Dark Souls: Remastered for this Friday.

So don’t expect a whole lot two days from now, alright?

Seriously though, Dark Souls is a huge game in my life. I’ve grown a lot closer to several of my friends by getting them into the game, and my self-confidence has risen thanks to beating it (not a lot, but it’s still higher then the previous record of nothing).

It’s definitely a flawed game, yes, but it’s damn close to a masterpiece. From the music to the story to (of course) the challenge, everything falls into place to make an uncomfortable and emotional experience.

Now how do you make that experience better? Well, you fix the frame rates, add dedicated servers for the multiplayer and make it prettier.

Exactly what the Remaster is aiming to do.

Now, it’s not in the running for game of the year. It has come out before, after all. But I have no doubt that I’ll sink many more hours into Dark Souls on my PS4.

And Switch.

And PC when I decide it’s time to stream it.

And on PS4 again.

I’ll be playing Dark Souls a lot is what I’m saying.

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