Daily Rant, Television

Day 197: Daredevil (Netflix)

With season 3 around the corner, I figured I’d take a little time to rant about one of my favorite Netflix shows and easily the best Marvel Netflix show: Daredevil.

This show is great. It’s use of color, solid cinematography, fantastic acting and an incredibly intriguing plot with great characters combine to make a wonderful (and easy to binge thanks to Netflix) and gruesome show.

Speaking of which… good lord this show is gruesome. If you can’t handle watching any of the following things and you haven’t watched this show, maybe you just… shouldn’t. These include:

  • Throats getting slit
  • Heads getting blown off
  • Limbs being broken
  • Heads being crushed in a car door (no I’m not kidding that happened)
  • Torture. Just straight up torture.
  • Attempted rape
  • Brutal beatings
  • People being lit on fire

And so on.

Sounds like fun, right?

For those who haven’t seen this show and need some context, here you go. Matt Murdock and his buddy Foggy Nelson are new, freshly graduated lawyers starting their own firm. Their first case is in defense of Karen Page, a young woman framed for murder, who knew too much private information connecting to the season’s villains: Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin. The two solve the case, she becomes their assistant for some reason, and everything is looking up until Karen is attacked and rescued by a mysterious man in black: Matt, disguised as his alter ego: Daredevil.

Which he wouldn’t take up until the end of the first season.

From there, each season has it’s own villains that Matt and friends must pursue, both in court and on the streets. In season one, they must deal with the Kingpin, who is actually an incredibly interesting character. Season two dealt with several plots, but the primary plot (and the least spoiler ridden) is the Daredevil’s confrontation with the new vigilante in town: the Punisher.

I should talk about that show next, I love that show.

While the story and characters are all interesting and engaging, that isn’t the main reason why I love this show. That would boil down to the action sequences. They happen once or twice every few episodes, but good god every single one is brutal and intense.

Some of these are also incredibly creative. For example, there’s a scene in the first season where Daredevil is going to rescue a kidnapped kid. He spends almost the whole episode tracking him down until, at the end, he has to fight his way through a hall full of thugs to the room where the boy was being kept.

Did I mention how the fight in the hall was a single long, uncut shot? Because that aspect of it alone makes it amazing, and that’s without addressing the fantastic use of red lighting. It’s a fantastic, viscous and beautifully choreographed fight. It’s simply amazing.

The show is filled with scenes like these, and all of them are excellent. Put those together with the characters, interesting and engaging plot and some truly wonderful acting and dialogue, and you’ve got a show that is dead set for my heart.

It’s such a shame that the only other Marvel show that can match this quality is the Punisher. Y’know.

One show out of five.

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