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ARCHIVE Day 74: E3 Predictions

Original Release: May 20th, 2018

E3 is just around the corner! Games will be announced, details will be revealed, and about sixty percent of what we see will either not come out for five years or be canceled the following year! And what better way to prepare then with some predictions!

Today, I’ll take a stab in the dark as to what we’ll see from certain game companies! From new announcements to details on already announced projects, I’ll attempt to get it all! So let’s get started, shall we?

This one is fairly easy, for the most part.
-Metroid Prime 4. It’s been a year since they even announced the game. If we don’t see any new details, then it’s going to throw a lot of doubt towards the game from the fans.
-Super Smash Bros. I mean, come on. They announced it during the last direct with a 2018 release. Plus, it’s the biggest Nintendo game of the year.
-Yoshi. Again, they announced it last year. I think we’ll get some more gameplay and a release date for either early next year or late this year.
-Pokemon for Switch. I doubt we’ll see any gameplay, but I think we’ll get at least a teaser, a title, and a year for release.
Those are the obvious ones, but let’s throw in some less then likely ones just for fun.
-Mario Maker Switch. This one is unlikely, but let’s be real, people would go fucking crazy for it. And it would finally give everyone a reason to throw out their Wii U.
-Xenoblade Chronicles X port. This is just what I want, cause I fucking love Chronicles X. But because of the hardware’s poor sales, few people picked up a copy. They can totally fix that.
-Animal Crossing. People want it, so it’d make sense. Though I think we’d only get a few seconds of gameplay, a title, and a year of release.
-Devil May Cry HD Collection on Switch. This one is very unlikely, but I’d still love to see it. Mainly because it’d give me some semblance of hope for Dante in Smash.
-Shin Megami Tensei 5 details. Knowing Atlus, this one won’t come out for another four years. Details seem even more unlikely than DMC.

Those are my guesses for Nintendo at least. But there are two more companies I want to tackle before we go: Sony and Bethesda.

Let’s do Sony next.
-More Spiderman gameplay. Considering it comes out later this year and we’ve seen so little, we do need more details.
-God Of War DLC. The game was a huge success, so why not capitalize on it?
-Kingdom Hearts 3. I think it’s finally time for a release date and some more gameplay. Please. I just want to know when KH3 comes out!
-Shadows Die Twice details. I pray that From Software would team up with Sony for the announcement. Especially if it turns out to be Bloodborne 2.
-Ico HD Release. It would make a nice follow-up to the PS4 Shadow of the Colossus, and it would bring the game into the lime light for the first time since the PS3 port.
-Final Fantasy 7 HD details. It probably won’t happen, but good god I want it! Come on, Square!
-Metal Gear Collection on PS4. This is all on Konami, but I feel Sony might be able to convince them with console exclusivity or some shit. But I’ll be real, this one is practically impossible.

Now, onto what will probably be the shortest one: Bethesda. Why Bethesda? Because I don’t want to talk about Microsoft.
-New Elder Scrolls Card game shit. Bethesda seems to think people care about that game, so they’ll probably release some new shit for it.
-Elder Scrolls 6. I’m just sick of Skyrim, so I want a new Elder Scrolls game for people to masturbate to. Come on, Bethesda.
-Doom 2. I fucking love the last Doom game, and I’ve been keeping a watchful eye out for a new one. I’ll be honest, that’s the only one I really care about.
-New Quake game. We’ve seen virtually nothing for it in the last two years. I think it’s about time.
-New Bethesda Club shit. Because people really love this service.
-The Evil Within 2 Expansion. Evil Within 2 did pretty well, so why not try and capitalize on it even further?

That’s all I want to see, really. I know there are plenty of companies I left off the list, but if I added those, I’d be here all day. And I’ve got shit to do.

I know I’m probably wrong about 90 percent of these, but I don’t care. This is all for the fun of it anyways. Besides, if we get a bunch of awesome new stuff that no one saw coming, then I’ll be ecstatic either way.

Here’s to E3 2018 kicking some major ass!

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