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ARCHIVE Day 73: Hinamatsuri

Original Release: May 19th, 2018

There are a lot of new shows this season of Anime. A new Sword Art Online spin off, the third season of My Hero Academia, Persona 5: The Animation, Megalobox, some shit about horse-girls who are also idols, and many more. But among those is a show that many people simply aren’t going to watch. One that will go ignored because of what people think it is.


Looking on the surface, it looks like something super fucking creepy. The first scene is a Yakuza dude sitting in his apartment, a metal pod dropping on his head, and a small child showing her face from the pod. Releasing her, she crawls up naked and demands clothes.

What was the first thing that popped into your head from my description? Well, whatever you were thinking this show was, you are wrong.

This is a family comedy.

One thing I neglected to mention from this first scene was how the Yakuza dude (Nitta) reacted. After getting over the pain, he looks down at the pod for a second, stares at the kid and… goes to bed. He essentially says “I’m not dealing with this” and goes to sleep. Then, the next morning, when she’s still there, he confronts the problem.

This show is a comedy. And a very good one. There are tons of well constructed jokes with insanely good timing. Seriously, you can’t go one episode of this show without laughing.

Another thing: the small child, revealed to be Hina, and Nitta do not have a romantic relationship. Thank god. No, instead it’s much more of a Father-Daughter dynamic. Hell, in Episode 6 he basically declares her his daughter to his mother and sister.

Also she has psychic powers, but that’s not important.

This show has a huge ensemble cast of insane and hilarious characters. Let me just bullet point a few…

-A middle school girl who becomes a prodigy bartender
-Another psychic chick who lives with the homeless
-An old man in charge of the Yakuza clan who orders their lawer to write a speech to help Hina become Student Council President
-A crazy drunk who teaches a little girl to mix drinks
-An adult bartender woman who blackmails a child into working at her bar but pays her regardless
-Yakuza dudes who yell “OUCHIE” when they’re thrown out a window by a small psychic child

This show runs on Loony Toons logic and it’s amazing. Do not let looks deceive you (even though this show looks fantastic animation wise). This show will shatter your expectations every time and make you laugh your ass off.

If you have a Crunchyroll account (non-sponsored) (could be sponsored if Crunchyroll were cool) then go watch Hinamatsuri. Seriously, it’s one of the best shows this season.

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