Daily Rant, Video Games

Day 193: Destiny… Destined to Flop

I have an interesting relationship with the Destiny franchise. Never once have I actually purchased a game in the series; I’ve always just borrowed copies from my friends at work. Yet somehow, even though I’ve never dropped a dollar, I still feel cheated by this series.

It feels like I’m watching drug addicts struggling to drop their addictions. They always say that they’re done with it, or that they can quit whenever they want. But in the end, they always go back. The poor suckers keep going back to Destiny.

Look guys. Can we all just admit that Destiny is the biggest gaming disappointment in the last decade? Seriously, it keeps flopping on it’s face over and over again. Lackluster vanilla launch after lackluster vanilla launch, controversy after controversy, and terrible line of dialogue after terrible line of dialogue. It’s an endless cycle of mediocrity.

But if I wanted to talk about that, I’d be here all fucking day. Instead, I’ll just talk about the writing, because… well… I’m a writer. That’s kind of what I do.

Jesus fucking Christ the writing in these games are bad. It relies entirely on you the player leaving the game to go read several novels worth of wikis to understand anything. No character is fleshed out or interesting; the closest we get is Nathan Fillion’s character, and even he isn’t a character: he’s just a funny archetype. And spoilers if you like him:

He gets replaced by Nolan North and then he gets killed off. Congratulations Bungee! You’ve murdered the only character that anyone gives a flying fuck about.

And all of that is before the terrible dialogue. Seriously, every single line delivered by any character is fucking dreadful. Featuring such wonderful lines as:

“For many years, humanity thrived. Until it didn’t.”

“I didn’t know someone with the Traveler’s gift could die. Until they did.”

“If he thinks this is the end, he’s wrong. It’s the beginning.”

“Love is fleeting. But devotion? Now that is forever.”

Good fucking lord, who’s defending this? I’ve met seventh graders who can write more organic dialogue than this! Hell, wrote more organic dialogue than this in seventh grade, and I assure you: my first writings were really dreadful.

And then there’s the world building. Or in this case: the lack thereof. Now, understand this: I’ve played every expansion of Destiny from the beginning of it’s story to the end. All together, I’ve put in about fifty to a hundred hours. With that in mind, how much do you think I know about the setting of Destiny?

Absolutely nothing.

Seriously, I still have almost no idea what’s happening. I know about the Kaball and the Fallen and all these other stupid mindless enemies, but I don’t know why their my enemies. I don’t know what the Traveler is, why it’s there, and why I should care.

That’s where I get genuinely frustrated. On face value, the universe of Destiny seems incredibly interesting. But they do absolutely nothing to flesh it out and actually make it interesting.

I want to care. I want to be as invested in this franchise as it’s hardcore fan base seems to be. But it’s just… so fucking dreadfully written. There is not a single story in this series that is interesting. At no point does any character grow or change. There are no stakes, seeing as your character is immortal. Nothing is here to make me care.

But it just keeps coming. And my poor co-workers keep buying them. So I’ll always have a door to peek into to see just how they’ll flop on their face yet again.

And I’ll never drop a damn dime on it.

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