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ARCHIVE Persona 5 The Review E5: the least awful looking All-Out Attack yet…

Original Release: May 12th, 2018


Okay. So, this episode is not very good. It’s not Episode 2 levels of bad, yes, but it’s still not very good.

I’ll start with the good stuff: an actual introduction to Makoto Nijima. Why is this good? Two reasons. One, it’s basically the same as in the game minus the rooftop scene (which I assume we’ll get in the next episode). Two, Makoto is my Persona 5 Waifu, so I’m super biased.

Yes I’m pathetic and no I’m not ashamed.

Meanwhile, the Phantom Thieves go to the high-end cafe, where they enjoy a good amount of expensive food. However, they’re quickly reminded that they don’t belong in that world. We get the whole Shido confrontation (minus the reaction from Ren that greatly affected his health and character because this show just fucking hates me for some reason) plus a scene of Ann being bitched at by some rich girl.

Because they clearly didn’t know if they hammered the point in yet.

After that, they decide to keep going, come up with the name ‘The Phantoms’, just like in the game. Though, it does feel somewhat weird to me that it’s just ‘The Phantoms’. It’s no fault of the show, it’s all on me.

I always called them ‘The Weebs’. I had a whole ‘Weaboo’ thing going on with my character in my first… three playthroughs. Again, it’s on me. Nothing against the show.

The next day, they head to Mementos to fulfill a request they got on the newly formed Phansite (courtesy of Mishima) where they fight the stalker guy who got destroyed by Madarame (whom he name drops as foreshadowing, just like the game). The fight scene is… non-existent, but hey! They got a decent looking All-Out Attack!

Well, kind of. The animation is still shit, but the final frame looks much like that of the game (which is to say good). I don’t know why it took them several tries to get here, but whatever. I just hope they keep it up.

I’m willing to bet they won’t.

Anyways, the rest is as it went in the game. They go home to rest and after the credits, they confront the man who seems to be stalking Ann: Yusuke.

By the way, that whole Ann being stalked thing? Remember how it had buildup that lasted longer than two lines of dialogue? Well, the show runners decided to throw that away and replace it with two lines of buildup at the very end of the episode.

Why? Well, they had to make room for the spoiled rich woman bitching her out scene.

Again. Ugh…

Overall, this episode was a mixed bag. It wasn’t the worst (that’s still episode 2), nor was it the best (that was episode 1). It’s sort of stuck in Limbo. It’s not getting worse, nor is it getting much better. Every step forward was followed by a step back. For each improved All-Out Attack we got another pointless scene that didn’t add anything.

I do want this show to get better. I really do. I love Persona 5 and everything about it. I love the story, the characters, the monsters, everything. But nothing is screaming at me ‘Hey! We’ve got you, fam! We’ll do better!’ as I keep hoping it would.

There is hope. Please make me feel that hope, Persona 5.

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