Daily Rant, Video Games

Day 183: Revisiting Undertale

Remember this game? Because clearly someone does, as a port on the Nintendo Switch is coming out in a few weeks. With that, this’ll be on every major platform except for the Xbox.

Sorry Microsoft.

Now, before we actually talk about the game itself, let me get this right out of the way. The fan-base for this game is one of the most cancerous things I’ve ever seen. These range from god-defenders who think that this is the work of a god and that it’s perfect in every way to creepy furies who want to fuck every character.

Both of these minorities are very vocal about their feelings.

If you haven’t played this game at all within the last three or so years, let me give you a bit of advice right now: just go play it. Nothing else. Don’t look into the fan-creations focused around this game. Sure, there is some good stuff, but you’ll find far more uncomfortable trash than you will quality.

Okay. Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about the game itself.

God damn this is a fucking good game. Even now in 2018, this game is still one of the best games released in the last decade. This, along with Persona 5 and the new God of War, is near the top of my list of top ten modern games.

If you know anything about this game, you’ll have heard everything I have to say before. The art-style is retro in the best possible way. That music is fucking amazing. Every character is lovable. It is self-aware in all the greatest ways. Not murdering people is way more fun than it is to kill them.

And if you’ve ever seen me playing GTA, then you’ll know I thoroughly enjoy murder,  that’s saying a bit.

It also has some of the best boss fights, each one utilizing and adding new mechanics to the game without ever going too far and ruining everything. Each one is fun to fight, and the escalation of difficulty feels natural and challenging.

I could go on and on. Literally everything about this game makes me happy (except for the entire Genocide run; nothing about that should make anyone happy). Dude, I still listen to the soundtrack during work to this day. I’m listening to it while I write this post. It’s really good.

So instead of wasting your time by buttering this game up (like everyone did when it came out) I’ll leave you off by asking a simple question:

Why the fuck did the fan-base become such a disaster?

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