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ARCHIVE Day 59: When Will it End?

Original Release: 4/26/18

Ladies and gentlemen, the night is here. Tonight, Avengers: Infinity War is finally coming out. Action will be had, characters will die (hopefully) and the buildup we’ve gotten for eight years now will finally be paid off.

Except it won’t be, because Avengers 4 is scheduled for next year, but it makes for better marketing if you market it like the finale.

Let’s be real though, Marvel is never going to end. Even after Thanos is finally gone, there’s still gonna be a ton of movies. Captain Marvel, Nova, a third Guardians of the Galaxy, another Spiderman, so on and so on. It’s like Star Wars; Disney is going to be milking it for longer than we’ll be alive.

Being realistic, Marvel has been put into a bubble. Eventually, when people finally get sick of them or when the movies start declining in quality, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally die. The same has happened to Star Wars. Sooner or later, they’ll come to an end, as much as we like to pretend that they never will.

Don’t get me wrong, they’ll always be remembered. People will always remember the first Iron Man, or the first Avengers, or both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, or Civil War just like people will still remember every Star Wars movie ever made, good or bad.

To quote the Doctor in ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’, “Everything ends. Everything ends and it’s always sad. But then everything begins again. And it’s happy. So be happy.”

Remember, before Disney acquired Star Wars, the movies were done. We had three great movies and three shit movies, then it was done. Then Disney bought Lucas film and brought it back. Hell, the same thing happened to Marvel like four times. Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman have been rebooted more times than most people have gotten laid.

Infinity War is not the end. Not even close. Marvel will never have a proper ‘ending’. It will only end when the movies stop bringing in money.

Because Disney.

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