ARCHIVE Day 56: God of War

Original Release: 4/23/18

If you read the Dad of Boi post, then here’s the prior upload that I had alluded to there. Have fun cringing. -Current Jonah

Dude, I totally forgot God of War came out a few days ago!

Now, this isn’t a review. Kind of hard to review a game you don’t own. I just wanted to talk about why I want to get into the franchise.

Yes, I haven’t played the other God of War games yet. Please don’t linch me.

But from what I’ve seen, they seem pretty rad. Greek gods and monsters (and Norse gods and monsters now), lots of violence and classic action beat-em-up gameplay. Sounds right up my alley. Frankly, I’m disappointed in myself for not having picked them up yet.

I still really want to play this new one, though. I’ve avoided spoilers like the god damn plague, even going so far as to avoid any articles with the words ‘God of War’ anywhere in the title, regardless of the rest of the content. I want to go into it completely fresh and blind.

However, I do still need to play the first three games. Maybe the PSP games and that one that came out on PS4. Ascension, I think it was called? I don’t know, I’m too lazy to look it up.

So, if you’re playing God of War today, I hope you enjoy it. Just please don’t spoil anything for me or anyone who hasn’t played it yet. Don’t be that guy.

Just enjoy a good game.

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