ARCHIVE A Quick Apology

Original Release: 4/23/18

Just a quick correction of a point I had during one of the P5A Reviews. This is the only time I ever apologized to that show, by the way. And the only time I ever will. Current Jonah

Before today’s daily rant, I just want to rectify something from a few weeks ago.

In my review of the first episode of Persona 5: The Animated Series, I complained that Sae had the throwaway line ‘How did you find out about that world?’. I complained that the line didn’t make any sense.

Well, for the sake of revitalizing my knowledge completely for future reviews, I went back to the game for the thousandth time.

Guess what? This line was in the game too.

So I have to apologize for that, as it isn’t a flaw held only by the Animated version. How it got through in both the game and the show is beyond me, but there we go.

Not important, I know, but it was bothering me. Thanks for your time.

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