Daily Rant, Real Talk, Video Games

Day 177: Come on, guys. Really?

It’s funny how natural disasters tend to ruin the fun, isn’t it?

For those who don’t know, today was supposed to be the date of the latest Nintendo Direct. However, with Japan being hit by the most severe typhoon they’ve seen in 25 years and hammered by a powerful earthquake, Nintendo decided it’d be in better taste to delay the event.

And because people are stupid and shitty, there are people getting upset by this.

Really guys? Are we going to be that shallow? Come on, we’re better than that! They’re video games, for god’s sake! They don’t come before a national tragedy!

Ugh… look guys. I’m disappointed too. If you read yesterday’s post, you would know that I was super excited for this Direct. However: just because I’m disappointed doesn’t mean I can’t also be understanding.

People’s homes and jobs are in danger right now guys. Stop worrying about whether or not you’ll get a new Animal Crossing on the Switch. And for god’s sake, don’t go on a rampage on social media! Be respectful and patient.

We’ll get the news eventually. Focus on what really matters right now.

That’s all for today. I know this is a bit shorter than usual, but that’s all I really have to say. We’ll be back to the usual kind of stuff tomorrow. I just wanted to express my frustrations with people and then move on.

See you guys tomorrow.

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