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ARCHIVE Day 48: The Best Nintendo Games

Original Release: 4/15/18

My hard on for Nintendo cannot be put into words.

But what’s not to love? The beautiful cartoon art styles, the lovable characters, and the simple fun are more than enough to make Nintendo games some of the best in history. From Mario to Zelda, these games are known all around the world.

But which Nintendo games are the best?


Yeah, I’m not even gonna make an argument for all the other guys. It’s Metroid. To me, no other game comes even close.

Creepy and lonely Sci-Fi setting. A memorable and bad-ass female protagonist in Samus Aran. A hugely satisfying world to explore every time. Rewarding and powerful collectibles. Amazing boss fights. Pioneering the speed-run. Yeah, Metroid birthed the speed-run.

From Super Metroid to Prime 3, there are plenty of games in the series to play. Not as many as Mario, Zelda and Pokemon, but each of them are of pretty consistent quality. Of all the games, only two are widely hated, and I don’t feel like talking about them.

That’s for another day.

But Metroid has had some dark years recently. Before Samus Returns came out last year, we had gone seven years without a main series release. And now Metroid Prime 4 is quickly approaching.

God I hope it’s quickly.

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