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Day 169 (heh): The Villains of Dragon Ball Finale: Super

I can’t just stop at Z and call it a series, can I?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the villains of the Dragon Ball series are my favorite characters. They’re all sinister, twisted, and lovable. On top of that, they each do a fantastic job of pushing the heroes to the edge.

And then we got Super.

If Super wasn’t recycling villains from movies, it was presenting us with super bland and unoriginal villains. Sure, they are still effective power walls, and their actions lead to some pretty cool moments, but in terms of personality and motivations?

Oh boy, this won’t be fun.

Now, for the sake of saving time, I’m going to skip talking about Beerus and Freeza. I’m skipping Beerus because I already talked about him in-depth in my ‘Arcs of Dragon Ball Super‘ post, and Freeza because I’ve already jerked him off enough in yesterday’s post. So instead, we’ll jump straight to the first unique antagonist of the series: Hit.


Now, I know I just took a dump on Super’s antagonists, but I won’t lie: I fucking love Hit. His design is rad as hell, his Time-Skip ability is both unique, intimidating and awesome, and he’s got the most tolerable personality out of any of the other villains. He’s a quiet assassin who is really good at his job, but he’s still got a drive to better himself and a soft spot for Goku.

He also really likes to make donuts.

It’s not a fantastic character, yes, but it’s still better than what we got next: Goku Black.


Goku Black had an awesome introduction. He guns down a completely helpless Trunks, murders Future-Bulma, and annihilates almost all of humanity! It’s dark, brutal and sets the tone for the rest of the Arc pretty well. On top of that, he’s got a rad design, with the black-white and red gi, and Super Saiyan Rose (while it means fucking nothing plot wise) looks really cool.

It’s a shame none of it lasts and it’s quickly wiped away by a convoluted plot and generic god-complex character.

I’m sorry, but Zamasu is fucking terrible. His design is bland, his reason for hating mortals makes no sense and has no ground to be the way it is, and the fact that every single one of his fucking lines involve jerking himself off as a true god and savior is so fucking dull! None of it is fun, and it’s blown way over the top!

Simply put: Goku Black= Okay, Zamasu= Bad.

Still, credit where it’s due: Black’s actions lead to some of the best moments of Super. The Father-Son Galick Gun, the return of the Mafuba (or Evil Containment Wave) Kid Trunks snapping at Future Trunks, and my personal favorite: Trunks murdering Merged Zamasu with the Spirit Sword.

Until Zen-Oh steps in and ruins everything.

Speaking of Zen-Oh ruining everything, let’s talk about the primary antagonist of the Tournament of Power (and the worst Super villain): Jiren.


Whereas Zamasu had an overblown and one-dimensional personality, Jiren is the opposite, with no personality whatsoever. Oh yeah, they give him one in the last stretch of the Tournament, but it’s not very good. He’s your generic edgy hero with a tragic past. He doesn’t trust anyone, considers everyone else around him to be worthless, and aims to be the best of the best. He then gets over his issues and learns to trust again.

It’s generic, boring, and worst of all: rushed. Seriously, this villain’s character development is so quick that it gave me whiplash.

Plus, Jiren’s design is just… fucking lame. His red and black tights don’t stand out, his build is generically over the top, and he always has this blank scowl on his face (until he starts getting his ass kicked, but whatever). He just looks like a generic alien, whereas every other villain up to this point had something to make them stand out.

Much like Goku Black, Jiren’s biggest impact is the moments he brings. The introduction of Ultra Instinct, Vegeta adapting and kicking him around without Ultra Instinct for a bit, and the best looking fight in all of Dragon Ball: Goku, Freeza and 17 VS Jiren.

I know the Tournament of Power had more antagonists than Jiren, let’s face it: Jiren is the star of the show. And did he shine brightly enough as a bad guy to make the Arc better?

Ha ha. Nope.

And that’s it. Those are the main bad guys of Dragon Ball Super. Were they any good? Not really. They pale in comparison to both the Original and Z in every way, to the point that they straight up recycled two of Z’s best villains: Freeza and Beerus.

Yes, Beerus is a Z villain. It was Dragon Ball Battle of Gods, not DB Super Battle of Gods. I only avoided him because I talked about him before.

It’s not all bad though. I can at least give these characters this:

They aren’t the GT villains.

And that’s all of them, at least until Broly comes out. Maybe I’ll talk about the movie villains later, but right now: we’re done. That’s all the major big-bads of the Dragon Ball franchise. Do you agree with my opinion? Which ones were your favorites? Feel free to comment, and we’ll get a discussion going. I love to talk about these guys, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

See you guys later!

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