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Day 165: Isekai Shows

It makes me cringe to have SAO on literally anything on this blog, but considering the subject, I had to bring it up.

Question: am I the only one sick of these shows?

For those of you who aren’t massive weebs, an Isekai show is a story where the main character, a normal everyday person from the real world, is trapped in another world. Be this world a video game, fantasy land, or just the straight up past but magic, they’ll get stuck there and end up involved in a huge adventure.

Sounds interesting, right? Well it certainly stops being so after you see it a thousand times.

If you want to know how oversaturated this genre is, let me just give you a list of Isekai anime. I assure you, it won’t be hard. They include…

  • Sword Art Online
  • Overlord (which is actually pretty good, so I won’t pick on that one today)
  • Trapped in Another World with My Smartphone (yes that’s really the title)
  • How to Not Summon a Demon Lord (I call it Overlord but bad)
  • The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar (again yes, that is the real title)
  • Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
  • No Game, No Life (which is also pretty good)
  • Knight’s and Magic

And so on. Seriously, scroll down the Crunchroll (not sponsored) show list, and you’ll find a lot of shows with the summary “So and so is this, but one day he’s transported to another world!”

Notice how, in the list above, I only sited two shows that I actually like. All the others… they’re just the same, dude. They’re literally all the same fucking show.

Some dude, who may or may not be a real life loser, is sucked into another world where his insane knowledge or skill (usually with the video game) allows him to become the most powerful person in all the world. Every girl will want him to fuck her, every dude will praise his insane skill, power and wisdom, and every villain will tremble in their boots at the mere mention of his name.

All while the protagonist himself will blissfully move through the story with no real motivations or desires. He can do no wrong, have no conflict within himself, and have no sex with anyone, because that would upset all the others in his massive harem of girls.

This series has been made several times over now. Of all the different genres of anime, I’d be willing to bet that this one has easily become the most over-saturated in the shortest period of time. So much so that the genre itself has become a joke in the anime community.

And I, for one, have gotten tired of both the joke and the punchline.

If you enjoy these shows… okay. I’ll respect your wrong opinion and shit taste (I’m kidding, go ahead and enjoy what you like and do so without shame). Don’t expect me to hop aboard the latest big Isekai show and fanboy out with everyone else.

Except maybe for Overlord. I might actually review the next season after this one is over. That show is actually pretty good.

3 thoughts on “Day 165: Isekai Shows”

    1. You’re right on the money. The self-insert is the bane of any story, and Isekai shows are plagued by them. Although Overlord did do it really well, which is partially why that show is so enjoyable.

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