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Day 161: Hitman World of Assassins Reveal

Yesterday, there were two bits of exciting news that got my hype going. The first was the Life is Strange 2 trailer, which we already talked about, and a brief announcement regarding the sequel to the 2016 Hitman game. If you want to check that last one out, click the link here.

Or you can check out yesterday’s Life is Strange 2 post here. Y’know, if you don’t care about killing things.

Now, don’t be mistaken; this isn’t a trailer. We don’t see any new gameplay, story, or anything else in this update. All we got were a few minor additions, such as a dart gun, brief case for smuggling stuff, upgraded crowds and information updates, and my personal favorite: mirrors that may give away your position if you’re not careful (it’s cool, okay?!). If you’re hoping to see a ton of new stuff here, you’ll be disappointed. But you know what we did get? Proof.

Proof that the developers give a shit about their fans.

See, this reveal was entirely focused on one bit of news: the Hitman Season 1 update. More specifically, they announced that all the content of Hitman 1 would be ported into Hitman 2, with the updated gameplay of the sequel. Newcomers can pick this up for a small extra charge, but if you have a copy of Season 1 you can get it for free.

Thank. GOD.

This is fantastic. It’s a smart move on every account; newcomers can get the first game with improved mechanics for a lesser price without having to buy another copy, and people who’ve been around since Season 1 can revisit those levels again with extra challenge and fun for free. Meaning that I have an excuse to play the first Hitman again.

For the fifteenth time.

If I weren’t excited before, I sure as hell am now. Before, all I wanted was more Hitman. Now we’ll be getting the old and the new all in one place, with a whole bunch of extra little touches to make it both better and harder.

Again: mirrors. They’re fucking cool!

I am one hundred percent confident in this game. The developers have proven that they’re devoted to the satisfaction of the fans, which so many triple a game developers simply don’t do. Transparency and honesty go a long way to earn someone’s trust, and trust is an open door…

Straight into their wallets. But hey, at least they’ve got a genuinely good game! Everyone wins! Except for the hundred-fifty-dollar gap in my wallet that’ll come with my pre-order of the collectors edition.

It has a rubber ducky in it, okay? I have to.

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