Persona 5 The Review E16: This Show is My Grave

A visual metaphor for the pacing of this episode.

Around the seven minute mark, they misspelled both Phantom as Phantome and confident as confidant. I swear to fucking god, this show isn’t even trying anymore.

It’s not just in the text, either. Everything about this episode feels lazy and devoid of energy. The gags rely heavily on ‘check out these funny faces they’re making when standing on something hot’ and similar situations. Spoiler alert.

They aren’t funny.

The animation this episode is also super poor. When I said ‘Oh that’s where all the budget went’ last Review, I clearly had no idea how right I was. The highest the animation quality was this episode was a brief shot of Ann’s tits and Makoto’s bra (because anime) and a ‘funny’ face Ryuji made.

It makes me long for the early days of Super… and that is not a good thing.

The pacing this episode is also super rushed. They blew through the whole Palace, puzzles and all, in this one episode! Y’know, one of the most interesting Palace’s in the entire fucking game! They only linger on each of her ‘pictures’ for less than a minute before moving on to more shitty montage!

Why am I still watching this again?

We even get a scene of Futaba confronting her Shadow-Self in the real world, and Futaba’s initial reaction of terror lasts for literally less than five seconds before they start talking like nothings wrong. Then we get to the whole ‘confrontation in Futaba’s room’ scene before the episode ends.

All in less than five minutes. Hope you have health insurance, cause this episode will give you whiplash!

This episode sucks. It’s a terrible adaptation and a complete waste of a fantastic Palace and one of the best stories from the game. Out of every episode thus far, this one comes the closest to making me drop the show.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a man of my word. I swore to review every episode, so review every episode I shall.

That or I’ll drop dead from a rage induced heart attack. Whichever comes first.

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