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Persona 5 The Review E15: Futaba

Not even you can save this show, sweetie. But thanks for trying.

This whole episode is just setup for the next arc. But if I can be honest, there are two things this episode does really well. Maybe even better than the game.

…I’m gonna go wash my mouth with soap.

The rest of this episode was super forgettable, but those two scenes are actually really good. First of all, we get a scene of Alibaba AKA Futaba hacking the phones of everyone in Ren’s class except for Ren himself. Honestly, I think this is super fitting compared to the game.

See, in the game, she just texted Ren in the middle of class. Nothing super special. But here? She was just showing off! That is infinitely more fitting for her character then just whispering in his ear! I actually really loved this.

Then, at the end of the episode, we get one of my favorite scenes from the game: terrified Makoto meeting Futaba in the dark.

I won’t summarize this scene. I’ll just say my exact thought process; that’ll tell you enough about it’s quality.

“Oh, that’s where the animation budget went!”

One thing I will point out, the timing of this scene was perfect! We get just enough of Makoto and Futaba screaming to process what’s happening, then bam! Credits! Episode’s over, folks!

It’s kind of great. Now…

How will the next episode fuck it all up?

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